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Bruno Diot, Petra Halavackova, Jacques Demongeot and Nicolas Vuillerme

1. Introduction “I regularly used to fall in the shower. Naturally, I put it down to the fact that my base of support was small and that the presence of water did not help me to balance. It is true that the shower is a risky place, even for able-bodied people. I used risk analysis

Matej Accetto

DOI: 10.1163/092598807X165622 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2007 Review of Central and East European Law 32 (2007) 191-231 On Law and Politics in the Federal Balance: Lessons from Yugoslavia Matej Accetto * Abstract In trying to build a supranational polity while paying heed to member states


Li Hongbo

“Beautiful China”. To accomplish the latter, it is necessary to review the relationship between these two human rights and seek a way to reconcile and balance them. 2 The Proposal of the Right to Development and the Right to the Environment In the history of human rights development, the right to development


Jonas Christoffersen

In one of the most important publications on the European Convention and Court of Human Rights in recent years, a wide range of fundamental practical and theoretical problems of crucial importance are addressed in an original and critical way bringing a fresh, coherent and innovative order into well-known battle zones.
The analysis revolves around the Court’s fair balance-test and comprises in-depth analyses of e.g. methods of interpretation, proportionality, the least onerous means-test, the notion of absolute rights, subsidiarity, formal and substantive principles, evidentiary standards, proceduralisation of substantive rights etc. The author coins the term of “primarity” in order to clarify the obligation of the Contracting Parties to implement the Convention in domestic law.

Casey LaMar

Bargaining theorists debate whether symmetry or asymmetry of the power balance increases the likelihood of negotiation success in bilateral international negotiations. 2 ‘Symmetry Theory’ sees negotiations as confrontational. In this theory, negotiators are exploitative and successful


67 The Missing Balance Heinz Duchhardt* In a most valuable article which remains fundamental even after twenty years, the Frankfurt legal scholar Heinz Mohnhaupt discussed the question of how the concept of “Europe” had been passed on as a formula legitimating actions from the spheres of

Parvathi Menon

-conceptualized the advantaged-disadvantaged relationship and its balance, reducing the possibility of political processes to balance the relationship. What was construed as a redress for dichotomous relationships between the oppressor and the oppressed through (the right to) self-determination, became a (de

Arianna Broggiato, Thomas Vanagt, Laura E. Lallier, Marcel Jaspars, Geoff Burton and Dominic Muyldermans

samples and data as one of the main ways of benefit-sharing (see infra ), the ilbi should promote and strengthen capacity building. Mare Geneticum : Balancing Open Access and Commercial Interests Facilitated but Conditional Access The unga Resolution defines the subject of the ilbi

Lives in the Balance

Perspectives on Global Injustice and Inequality


Edited by Lauderdale and Amster

We find ourselves in a world that reflects a tension between the totalizing discourses of global corporate capitalism and representative democracy on the one hand, and the contingent, fragmentary nature of post-colonial life on the other. How (indeed, whether) this dialectic will be reconciled in the new millennium is not merely a question for academic consideration, but has real implications for the lives of people in the 'developing' world who are caught at the interstices of these conflicting forces. What a comparative, critical sociological perspective can provide is a window into the souls of people struggling for self-determination, equality, and justice. It is in this spirit that we present this work focusing on the study of injustice and inequality in the world system.

K.A. Nagy, H. Saint Girons, S.D. Bradshaw and G. Naulleau

Material and Energy Balance of some Captive and Free-ranging Reptiles in Western France S.D. Bradshaw1, H. Saint Girons2, G. Naulleau3, K.A. Nagy4 Abstract. Rates of turnover of water, energy and sodium were measured in free-ranging and enclosed Lacerta viridis and Vipera aspis at a site in