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Michael Brass

. It has been claimed that Bos bones will outnumber those of other livestock when feasts occur as part of the ceremonies and this leaves an archaeo-zoological footprint (Gramly 1975). The faunal components from Nabta Playa match this prediction, contrary to the greater number of Bos in the Middle

There Were No Medals To Be Won

Scientific Duels in the Italian Renaissance

Monica Azzolini

wrote astrological predictions from about 1475 to at least 1501. 5 His expertise and exceptional skills, which placed him within a small circle of high-ranking diplomats and distinguished professionals in law, theology, and letters, is acknowledged on the medal with the following phrase: PETRVS · BONVS


Simon C. Thomson

do so. It should be stressed that this is by no means an inevitable conclusion from this re-reading, but that the possibility, closed down by O’Brien O’Keeffe, can now be reopened. The passage is part of Beowulf’s prediction to Hygelac of conflict over Freawaru, Ingeld’s increasing rivalry, and

Huib Zuidervaart and Tiemen Cocquyt

Θ, caused by stronger refraction in a more powerful lens, makes the colour variation Δ Θ grow correspondingly. In other words, for a specific type of glass, the dispersion Δ Θ/Θ is constant. Now, contrary to Isaac Newton’s prediction, the dispersion Δ Θ/Θ is not the same for every material. In


Michael Weiss

external object, as Hackstein has convincingly argued. 43 4.1 The Recentness of the Compound in Celtic and Italic Since the parts of the compound are still separable in Indo-Iranian, they could not have been fused already in PIE (Inner PIE ). Thus there is no necessary prediction that the dental plus


Susanne Zhanial

’s moment of triumph occurs slightly earlier when he exposes Elizabeth as a pirate. At that moment, his prediction that Elizabeth will not be able to resist the temptation to “come over to [his] side” ( PotC ii 20), becomes true. In addition, it can be argued that similarly to the closing shots of the


Since the beginning of recorded history, man has been striving to foresee, and thus to control, the future. Political power structures, par- ticularly when aiming at global control, sought predictions of global significance, but few agents of such structures could claim to have been endowed with


, but it is often difficult to prove that one of them was older than the other. Certainly, a number of Akkadian documents of a literary histor- ical genre are more ancient, i.e., ones based on predictions of events which did take place.13 Similarly, some of the Ugaritic (Old Canaanite) re- ligious


making such a categorical demand. 52. These lines were first written in 1910 and, as it were, served as a theoretical prediction of the schematically experimental trend in Russian painting known as Suprematism. 53. In advanping along the path towards materiality, sometimes art has quite lost the abstract

Kimerer L. LaMothe

represents the far end of a pendulum swing – the most hostile expression possible of a structural relationship between religion and dance that is ongoing and everywhere. By identifying his own time and place in these terms, van der Leeuw makes a prediction that the American modern dancers, Nietzsche