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Emil Eiby Seidenfaden

member governments and national bureaucracies themselves. In conclusion, and only more so because of these tensions, this is a welcome and highly illuminating book presenting an under-researched angle of io -history. The book’s target group – “specialists, teachers, undergraduate students” – is probably

Susanna Erlandsson

and credibly demonstrates how face-to-face diplomacy in his chosen cases influenced at least the timing and exact character of international developments. I would have wished for an editor, at the very least to correct mistakes like an inconsistent use of the present and past tenses and the fact that

Jennifer Mori

influenced as its sixteenth and seventeenth-century predecessors by “the cultural turn” outside the realms of court culture broadly defined. 2 Having said this, diplomatic sources, perspectives and historians have had a considerable influence upon present-day depictions and perceptions of European

Jason Dittmer

’s sense of their own interests. This is most clearly evidenced by the persistence of the ukusa signals intelligence community until the present. What do all of these protocols, assemblages, and affects mean for the study of diplomacy? I would argue that there are three major implications of thinking

Anne Deighton

policy issues emerge, and the international environment, and relations, for example within nato , move on. For example the eu is again trying to strengthen the eu / nato dimension, as well as to develop pesco , and with it the eu ’s potential for strategic autonomy, both of which will present long

Timothy Hampton

negotiation. By hearing these diplomatic voices in Neruda’s poetry – and by hearing Neruda’s poetry in their voices – we can see how literature and diplomatic practice continue to shape each other in the present moment.

John Watkins

; derived from their ancestors unto them, may from themselves be transmitted unto posterity, if God so please.” 24 Apocalyptic discourse proclaims temporal discontinuity, a sharp break between the fallen present and the redeemed future. St. John, by contrast, emphasized continuities by looking back as

Did We Ever Really Understand How the eu Works?

The Brexit Negotiations and What They Say about Britain’s Misunderstanding of the eu

N. Piers Ludlow

occasions by contrast where the smaller member states felt that they had been presented with a fait accompli , or a big country stitch up, resentment flared and agreement was delayed rather than promoted. All of which means that the chances of any package cooked up solely between the two largest remaining

Thomas Bagger

presented the project conclusions to his cabinet colleagues in the morning, then to the Bundestag ’s Foreign Affairs Committee, then in an internal town-hall meeting to the ministry staff, then to the press—and finally to the wider public in a big event together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für

Iver B. Neumann

deserves to occupy the centre stage of progressive world history, both past and present’. 1 Euro-centrism seems to be a fairly new concept. The oldest reference that I have found is from 1914. 2 It is an epistemological concept, relating to how we try to understand the world and how we produce knowledge