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Kim Kyoung Jae

experience of matter and energy through time and space. Whenever we think about the resurrection body, we cannot deny the fact that, even in a mysterious way, body is body, and further we can say that the resurrection body is a concrete phenomenon of the ultimate reality, 'the cosmic'. This means more than

Keith B. Huey

adaptations, the Jesus People also inspired American evangelicalism to focus creative energy on its youth population and on culturally-sensitive evangelistic methodologies. Music has been integral to this process, but this book also describes the development of “New Paradigm” churches (like the Vineyard

radiant aspect of things, the dimension that feeds vital energy to continue through failure as well as success. Spirituality and mysticism form part of life in its wholeness and in its sacredness. They support the thrust of resistance and the persistent longing for liberation. This elaboration of a

Reender Kranenborg

say, each sign results in the arrival o f different "spirit-energies" on the earth. Models of world history are constructed on the basis of astrology, an example of which can be found in "Alain the astrologist" (a pseudonym)'. According to him, everything was somewhat obscure until approximately 4000

Henry H. (Hal) Knight

(1947), which DeArteaga calls “the most influential book of the twentieth-century healing revival” (192), Sanford argues “the healing power of God is a light energy” that permeates the creation. Healing is therefore “a natural and normal event,” accessible to everyone (193). The difficulty lies “in our

Asonzeh Ukah

agbara emi , spiritual power” (“unseen energy”), its vitality, and its logic of operation (7). Th e author contends that the concept of power as vitality is omnipresent among the people of Western Nigeria. Th e way in which power-as-unseen-energy permeates ritual, prophetic, and divinatory practices of

Robert L. Moore

terminology such as energy source, spiritual energy, channel, and clairvoyance all reflect that he is embracing a univer- sal, pluralistic truth that holds similarities to New Age spirituality. Ellens’ book is a good resource for those who believe we should not limit ourselves to the rational and empirical

James P. Bowers

, study and spontaneity” (10). Levison’s radical implications for a more comprehensive biblical pneumatology come when he enters the practical arena. Levison concludes the conventional association of the Spirit with power and enormous energy ignores the presence of the Spirit among the “depleted and

Jeffrey Gros

interiority; the fourth on the role of energy, development of organization and the gift of the Spirit in creation. Chapter five outlines how the Spirit can be discerned in the emergence of life and the systems and networks that made it possible. Chapter six, a focal chapter, brings together these meditations

Maggie Elwell

-expressed in the quotation of Basil the Great that Tickle and Sweeney repeat in their closing: “What are the energies of the Spirit? Their extent cannot be told, and they are numberless. How can we comprehend what is beyond the ages?” (153).