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Kevin Blackburn

Memory of Singapore’s past is undergoing what has been called a rapid ‘democratization’ through blogs and Facebook, videos of reminiscences put up on YouTube, as well as web-based memory collections, such as the Singapore Memory Project, which aims to collect five million memories of Singapore

Nora Hamilton and Sunhyuk Kim

Democratization, Economic Liberalization, and Labor Politics: Mexico and Korea N ORA H AMILTON * AND S UNHYUK K IM ** A BSTRACT This study examines the impact of economic liberalization and democratization on labor politics in Mexico and Korea and the strategies labor has evolved in response to

Nikolas G. Emmanuel

General Introduction A political conditionality approach seeks to move leaders in authoritarian countries to adopt democratic reforms by using donor aid as both a carrot and a stick. In such an action, foreign assistance functions as leverage to support democratization in the aid beneficiary

Theresa Squatrito

initial step toward understanding if and how IC s improve or weaken the presence of democratic values in international lawmaking. In particular, I home in on one feature of the institutional design of IC s and ask what potential role it plays in democratizing international lawmaking. The design

Ana Ješe Perković

1 Introduction Many scholars agree that democratization in post-communist states has been and will continue to be a focus of attention for policy makers and scholars for a long time. The fall of the Berlin wall was perceived by the West as the victory over communism, and subsequently it reached

James C. Schopf

democratisation increased corruption coverage and popular perceptions of its prevalence, which were then reflected in survey findings. Polls of experience with corruption and studies of illicit exchanges of rents through low interest loans and corrupt government contracting show a much sharper drop with

Aslı Bâli

occasioned new hope that democratization might take hold in the region. Yet the capacity of authoritarian regimes to accommodate elections and other reforms without relinquishing their grip on power has often frustrated such hopes. Egypt, which held both presidential and legislative elections in 2005, is an


Katajun Amirpur

as fighting for democracy and hail it as a herald of democratisation. For example, Ibish and Abunimah point out that “al-Jazeera presents the best trends of openness and democratization in the Arab world. It is a long-overdue two-way street in the global flow of information and opinion. It should be

Neal A. Palmer and Douglas D. Perkins

increase with democratization, and such investment, although being dependent on a minimal level of information technology infrastructure (Addison and Heshmati 2004 ), also effects rapid technological gains (Li and Resnick 2003 ). In turn, the increasing presence of technological innovations carries with

Boutros-Ghali, Boutros

This chapter is part of: Le droit international à la recherche de ses valeurs : paix, développement, démocratisation (Volume 286) Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law (Volume 286) Publication Editor: Hague Academy of International Law Volume: 286 Brill | Nijhoff, Leiden