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Stephen Benin

origin and therefore posed serious threats to halakhic norms until these practices were "neutralized" and halakhically legitimated. 5 Kapparot is a prime example of such a questionable practice. The Talmud contains no mention of it, and it appears for the first time in the writings of the Geonim of the

George Y. Kohler

, this harmonization seemed to be quite impossible. According to Efraim Urbach, for the talmudic sages the existence of a plausible reason for a commandment was no condition what- soever for the keeping of the commandment. 1 They were aware that one’s understanding of the reason for a specific

Hannah Hashkes

of the Hebrew “Talmud Torah.” I use the Hebrew transliteration and the English translation interchangeably throughout the paper. In the context of this paper, the notion of “Torah Study” signi fi es the occupation of deter- mining meanings and practices in accordance with the Torah . Although the term

Eric Lawee

Jerusalem; be- hold, your king comes unto you .. ."(Zech. 9:9)."'6 Medieval talmudic com- mentators were led to assess these rabbinic expressions and, periodically, the interpretations of them advanced by their predecessors. For example, Rashi took R. Hillel to mean that "the Holy One, blessed be He" would

Alon Goshen Gottstein

various commentaries in talmudic and midrashic literature on the formula "What is above, etc." reveals that there is no unanimous opinion concerning the connection between that formula and the interdiction of expounding Macaseh Bereshit. Moreover, not a single source in that corpus presents a consistent

Claire Elise Katz

the biblical narratives function as illustrations of his philosophical point, even though he might acknowledge that they serve as inspiration alongside other works of literature. 17 In any number of places Levinas refers to midrash as an example of his Saying, which remains unthematized. The Talmud

Gesine Palmer

antisemite with the name Ferdinand Fenner was accused of insulting the Jewish religion with his claim that every Jew following the Talmud is a rascal because Talmud allows the Jews to rob and defraud Goyyim. The court now did not discuss the actions of the accused and his relation to the law at hand, but

Rivka Horwitz

whatever had survival value."lOHe saw the Bible as the foundation of everything that is living today in Judaism, and the Talmud and rabbinic literature as its encyclopedic knowledge; the prayer book will forever remain the handbook and the sign post of Judaism. By education, Rosenzweig optimistically

Elliot Wolfson

the feminine 195 Torah for Torah’s Sake in the Works of Rabbi Hayyim of Volozhin and his Contemporaries (Hoboken: Ktav Pub. House, 1989). 6 Emmanuel Levinas, Beyond the Verse: Talmudic Readings and Lectures , trans. Gary D. Mole (London: Athlone Press, 1994), p. 154. See ibid., p. 157, where Levinas

Shaul Magid J.T.S.

vis-a-vis the early Hasidic approach see Joseph Weiss, "Talmud Torah in Early Hasidism", Studies in Eastern EuropeanJewish Mysticism, (OxfordjNew York, 1985), pp. 56-68 and his more detailed, "Talmud Torah lift 'Shitat R. Israel Besht" in Sefer Ha-Yovel Tiferet Yisrael: Essays in Honor of Rabbi Israel