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Cynthia A. Bouton

, turning especially to linguistic methodologies to analyze vocabularies (such as “loan words”) for specific foods and processes, to interrogate longstanding historiographies of African agriculture and subsistence and trace chronologies of adoption and adaptation. The first chapter explores the food

Peter Marshall

cathedrals, churches, and parishes, and with only sporadic and uncertain access to priests and sacraments? Through a series of case studies, McClain o ff ers a story of creative adaptation and negotiation, and of ‘changing self-perceptions of Catholic identity and community’. Some of the case-studies are

Vanessa Van Renterghem

land for army offi cers”, p. 153) and examines the actual implication of Ghazan Khan’s (1295-1304) reforms, but above all it provides an interesting dis- cussion on the nomadic Mongols’ adaptation to a sedentary Muslim envi- ronment. Th rough a very careful examination of the available sources, Amitai

Patrick D. Rasico

” (2). By including essays revealing the relationships of dynamic Asian markets and sites of production to global seaborne mercantile networks, European tastes and consumer habits, and the European development and adaptation of new technologies, Goods from the East compellingly shows the importance

Graeme Murdock

. Orfelin’s text therefore asserts an Orthodox future for Serbians liv- ing in Hungary, and the Festival Greeting is a notable example of develop- ing interactions between the Catholic and Orthodox worlds. For example, Todorović highlights Orfelin’s adaptation of Jesuit uses of pattern poetry and word

Deena Aranoff

in German society through linguistic adaptation (200). The parallels between early modern Christian evaluations of Yiddish and those of modern Jewish intellectuals are striking. Here, as elsewhere in the work, Elyada would have benefitted from Naomi Seidman’s discussion of these themes in Faithful

Matthew Pursell

or simply abandoned in West Africa and the West Indies. For Newman, adaptation took different forms on the Gold Coast and Barbados, places that receive equal coverage in the remaining eight chapters of his book. In their tenuous commercial footholds in West Africa, the English quickly but

Jaap Jacobs, L.H. Roper and Bertrand Van Ruymbeke

group to forced adaptation, migration or extinction, but could also prove a catalyst to an ethnogenesis that could not have occurred without the effects the Columbian exchange brought about by the missionaries. The so-called Lagoon March (Comarca Lagunera) of the northeastern borderlands of New Spain

Conal Condren

, Shakespeare, in one sense an agent responsible for creating the play King Lear, has been transformed into a kind of owner, reference to whom allows critics and historians to determine somewhat arbitrarily whether a given adaptation is authentic.' Shakespeare's Lear ends up looking a little like David Hume

Pier Mattia Tomasino

, adaptation, and plagiarism within the Renaissance as the age of classicism and imitation ( imitatio ). Perhaps scholars of languages and literatures other than the ones represented here may regret this absence (Muslim World, South East Asia, South America), but these essays will certainly help them to deal