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Julia A. Ireland

remarks on the increased number of works on value generated by Nazi ideologues and Heidegger’s affirmation of an “inner truth and greatness.” Yet this is not the case. For when Heidegger uses this particular formulation in Introduction to Metaphysics he is quoting—and thereby presupposing—the entire

Stuart Murray

sporting competition as a testing ground for the nation or for a political ‘system’. German Nazis, Italian Fascists, Soviet and Cuban Communists, Chinese Maoists, western capitalist democrats, Latin American juntas — all have played the game and believed in it. 1 Considering its longevity, utility and

Gad Yair and Sharona Odom-Weiss

scathing reaction from then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, because the Bush administration urged Israel to take steps towards a future Palestinian state. Reflecting the Israeli trauma, Sharon ‘invoked the image of British appeasement of Nazi Germany at Munich in 1938’ as a parallel to what the United

W. Chris Hackett

moments,” Iris: Annales de la philosophie 27 (2006): 11. 6 Kroner, d. 1974, is most famous for his Von Kant bis Hegel , 2 vols. (Tübingen: Mohr, 1921–24), though he also wrote an important trilogy, the major fruit of his exile in America from Nazi Germany: Speculation in Pre-Christian philosophy

Jacques Derrida

German politi- cal situation. So where do you see the potential for some political illumination? J. Derrida: As you can imagine, the concept of potentiality is rather obscure here: what is potentiality in the present case? If it's too potential, it's nothing. So, what do I mean by potentiality ? To

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback

expression “afterness” translates the German word Nachheit and was coined as a culture-critical concept by the German literary scholar Gerhard Richter. 006 In German, the word Nachheit not only means afterness but also implies the meaning of nearness ( Nah-heit ), since in German’s nach —after—and nah

Michael Murray

Department at Vassar College gave Geiger a permanent appointment in 1933 after he had been dismissed by the Nazis from his chair in Gottingen. While I take pride in the association of my institution, for which I was not responsible, I begin this discussion for which I shall try to be responsive if not

Martin A. Bertman

law. When the state does not choose to function in terms of securing the fundamental utilities upon which it was founded, - for example, in the obvious war of the Nazi German state in relation to its Jewish citizens - such a state, despite its proper functioning for many, and in numerous areas, can be

Lawrence Rosenthal

modernization. Post-World War I Italy and Germany both had systems of agricultural land holdings (latifondisti and Junkers) largely unchanged since feudalism. This was in contrast to highly developed economic sectors like automotive and aeronautics. In these theories, the coexistence of such mismatched

Dermot Moran

manner in which Fink collapsed aft er her husband’s death, but he soon recovered and was instrumental in helping the young Belgian priest Herman Leo Van Breda to smuggle the Husserl manuscripts out of Nazi Germany to their new home in the Husserl Archives at the Catholic University of Leuven. In March