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Stephen G. Parker, Jenny Berglund, David Lewin and Deirdre Raftery

Dissenting groups is also changing. A notable growth area in research is scholarship on the history of Catholic teaching religious. The energies of scholarly societies, and the imbrication of women’s history, the history of education, and the history of women religious, have benefited the dissemination of


Carter Vaughn Findley

, same date), both annexed to Asp’s dispatch of 25 July 1793; UUL , F812b, 9 July 1793, MdO to Asp (in first meeting with Ottoman officials, Aubry expressed himself with “too much energy,” starting off badly), F812b, 24 Oct. 1793, MdO to Asp (admits to five meetings; alleges not the “slightest


Carter Vaughn Findley

’ portraits had been published in other works. 29 In contrast, Gustav III ’s idea of depicting the portraits like medallions hanging on a tree was original. 30 Mouradgea’s energy and money for sultans’ portraits probably went into painting and repainting that tree. In addition to several tree paintings in

Roshnee Ossewaarde-Lowtoo

not a ‘norm’, but more like some kind of ‘spiritual energy’ (for lack of a better expression). This conceived marriage of human and divine loves means that Niebuhr’s ethic of love cannot be fitted into a virtue-ethics framework, contrarily to what Daniel A. Morris holds. 45 An obvious question that

Diluted Liberalisms and Emaciated Neutralities

Reaggregating Alternative Disaggregations

Michael Freeden

history, cultural studies, comparative political thought, ordinary language discourse, the analysis of ideologies). Laborde has directed considerable intellectual energy to enriching her intellectual domain, and that is her legitimate choice. One cannot demand more of a top scholar. Yet it might be

Laura Rediehs

energies. Perceiving these energies and understanding them (what is sometimes called “emotional intelligence”) is key to being skilled in human relationships. Our emotions also play into how we sense what is helpful and what is harmful in the world. While it is true that sometimes our emotions get it wrong

Michael Birkel

, a pictorial drama, suggesting, hinting, revealing an inside world of Spirit and Will” (Jones, 1914b, p. 184). To explore this inner realm is to enter the mystical life. Boehme as Mystic Even though Boehme expends tremendous energy to depict his complex cosmos, Jones finds his mysticism to be

“To Renew the Covenant”

Religious Themes in Eighteenth-Century Quaker Abolitionism

Jon R. Kershner

first school for African-American children in Philadelphia (Jackson, 2009, p. 244). Teaching would take much of his energy for the rest of his life, but he managed to maintain an important trans-Atlantic correspondence and published antislavery ideas. Benezet corresponded with Granville Sharpe (1735

Jewish Atheists in Foxholes?

Existential Beliefs and How War Feels

Stacey Gutkowski

. I don’t believe in the religious god that man created. I do believe there is something. That’s my religion … it’s an energy, it’s the stars, it’s the universe, I can’t describe it because I have no clue what it is but I have the feeling that there is something that’s there, there has to be in this

Rhiannon Grant

or impersonal and whether the divine can be said to have a ‘will’, are often subsumed into this discussion, although it is not always clear to which ‘side’ they should belong. For example, some Quakers talk about the divine as ‘energy’ in an almost Jedi-like way (God, like the Force, is impersonal