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Uchechukwu Ngwaba

Gonnie de Boer and Frans Weisglas

-parliamentary assemblies, globalization, democratization, scrutiny, accountability, legitimacy, parliamentarians. Parliamentary Diplomacy ‘Parliamentary diplomacy’ is not yet a widely studied subject. Indeed, the recent past and near future will only begin to see its proper definition. While a sound theoretical analysis

Ward, Robert E. and Yoshikazu Sakamoto

calling attention to the critical importance of Japanese participation in social, political, and legal reforms. Many view the "reverse course" of 1947-1948 as a retreat from democratization. Among the i...

Democracy and Democratization in Africa

Towards the 21st Century


Edited by Udogu

The 9 contributors to this volume are Africanists whose comprehension of the political "vernacular" of Africa helped to sharpen their analyses of a continent on the eve of a new millennium and in the aftermath of the Cold War. The debate over the most relevant political models for African countries has till recently been conducted against a backdrop of the competing claims of socialism and capitalism. Attempts to consolidate democracy and constitutional have taken place in the shadow of intractable economic problems, prompting the question of whether democracy can survive in Africa without economic prosperity. The papers published here address many of these problems, as well as dealing with the questions of ethnicity, leadership, the power of the military, and prodemocracy movements within African nation states.

Haokam Vaiphei

Nehginpao Kipgen, (2016) Democratisation of Myanmar . New Delhi: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. 194 pages. ISBN : 978-1-138-66787-7. Studies of democratic transition are gaining popularity in contemporary discourse and yet there is no single explanation for understanding such

Boutros Boutros-Ghali

, interstate cooperation is increasing. The end of the Cold War has brought an unprecedented consensus on democratization as the surest mechanism for advancing the goals of peace, development, and human rights. Today, democratization is not only an imperative, it is, for the first time in history, possible to

Shelley Rigger

science. The paper characterised Taiwan as a marginal, but not wholly absent, topic within China studies, and it noted what I found to be surprisingly robust attention from the discipline of political science, especially the subfields of democratisation studies and political economy. Although the paper

Olle Tornquist

Revolution and the Growth of Hindu Nationalism in India. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Hefner, Robert W. (2000) Civil Islam: Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia . Princeton: Princeton University Press. Huntington, Samuel P. (1991) The Third Wave: Democratisation in the Late Twentieth Century

Ali Mezghani

163 La démocratisation d’un « droit savant » ¶ ALI MEZGHANI* Quelle image peut-on garder du droit international privé au vingtième siècle ? La question ne peut que désarçonner ceux qui n’ont pas accompagné la matière sur une période significative du siècle écoulé ; et qui, de surcroît, ne

Rajani Naidoo and Geoff Whitty

-production remains unclear, along with the extent to which they are commodifying or democratising learning and impacting on conceptions of quality in higher education. Looking Forward Meanwhile, there have been a number of attempts at national level in the UK to incorporate a student perspective in higher