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prospect. In the meantime, however, the EU has included a permanent bilateral investment court system in its most recent investment and free trade agreements, including the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada ( CETA ), 80 the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement ( FTA ) 81

In: The Selection and Removal of Arbitrators in Investor-State Dispute Settlement

labor cases: a new international labor rights regime takes shape , 3 United States – Mexico Law Journal (1995) 159. 30 On procedural enforcement of the rights of foreign investors in eu fta s, see F Baetens, The European Union’s proposed investment court system: addressing criticisms of

In: The Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law

the alleged legitimacy concerns facing ISDS . 5 The EU first referred to the ITS as an “investment court system” ( ICS ) in its TTIP Proposal, supra note 1. The recently concluded EU-Singapore FTA also refers to the ITS as the ICS . 6 CETA , Art. 8.29; EU-Vietnam FTA , Art. 15. On

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withdrawal of eu Member States. Another consequence is that contracting parties may prefer to conclude agreements based on exclusive competence only, to avoid complications. The forthcoming Opinion 1/17 on the compatibility of the Investment Court System provided for in ceta will provide a clearer

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). 98 Waldron (n 86) 15. 99 European Commission Press Release, ‘Commission Proposes New Investment Court System for TTIP and Their EU Trade and Investment Negotiations’ (Brussels, 16 September 2015) < > accessed 1 March 2016.

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-methodology-en.pdf . 73 Bernasconi-Osterwalder, “Expansion of the Energy Charter to Africa and Asia.” 74 Dreyer, “Brussels Moves Against Intra- EU Investor-state Arbitration Raise Energy Charter Dilemmas.” 75 European Commission, press release, “Commission Proposes New Investment Court System for TTIP and

In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

Programme Policy Brief No 2011/1 (European University Institute 2011) 1 < > accessed 17 February 2017. 68 For an overview, see Laurens Ankersmit, ‘Investment Court System

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

-state arbitration by a new investment court system based on a Tribunal of First Instance (composed of 15 public law judges: 5 judges from EU member states, five judges from the United States, and five judges from third countries) and a permanent Appeal Tribunal composed of 6 public law judges (two from EU member

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application are some substantive investment protections (notably, fet and protection against expropriation), as well as the controversial Investment Court System. 89 Article 8.10 of the 2016 Canada-EU ceta , supra note 64. 90 Ibid ., Article 8.12 and Annex 8-A. 91 Ibid ., Article 28.3(2). 92 Ibid

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whether the provisions of the eu -Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (‘ ceta ’) regarding the Investment Court System (‘ ics ’) are compatible with eu law. 21 Based on this previous case-law on the principle, it is possible that the cjeu would find that the fra or wa

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