discosta dal resto del volume e propone una trattazione a sé stante sul nome dal punto di vista logico-semantico e con una marcata impronta peripatetica. È stato stabilito che un altro importante testo ġazaliano, “Le intenzioni dei filosofi” ( Maqāṣid al-falāsifa , d’ora in avanti Maqāṣid ), non sia altro

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méta-éthique: recherche d’une base épistémologique de la morale dans la pensée islamique classique Le but visé par cet article consiste à évaluer de manière détaillée et analytique le fondement méta-éthique de la théorie connue sous le nom de maqāṣid al-sharīʿa , généralement traduite par “les buts

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Imagination . Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan ‫.‬ Chapra , Umar . 2008 . The Islamic Vision of Development in the Light of Maqāṣid Al-Sharīʿa . Jeddah : Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank ‫.‬ Duderija , Adis . 2014 . “ Contemporary Muslim Reformist Thought and

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Raysuni is widely recognized in the Muslim world for his work on the Maliki jurist, al-Shatibi, and his theory of maqasid (the aims of Islamic law). Raysuni’s debt to Shatibi is clear in many of his monographs and articles, and in his overall focus on the application of maqasid to modern legal issues

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eight articles included in this thematic issue, some of which were not presented at the seminar. The articles included in this issue explore two main aspects related to the field of ethics, namely methodological themes ( maqāṣid, ʿ urf, taʾṣīl, ethical approach ) and applied cases and concepts (human

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schools of thought, namely those of the Avicennan philosophers ( ḥukamāʾ ), the Ishrāqī philosophers ( Ishrāqiyān ), and the Sufis ( ṣūfiyān ). It consists of a preface, a prologue ( fātiḥa ), thirty short chapters ( maqāṣid , sing. maqṣad ) on the natural sciences, astronomy, geometry and first

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”), maqāṣid (“goals” or “purposes” of the Sharīʿa), and ʿ aql (“reason”). Frank Griffel’s introduction to the volume (chapter 1) is a useful summary of the development of “classical” legal discourse in Islam, as well as a succinct outline of modern developments. Two important themes set the stage for the

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bersesuian dan seterusnya sejauhmana inovasi dalam merancang pembahagian harta dapat mencapai maqasid al-Syari‘ah . Dalam memahami tajuk penulisan ini, inovasi bagi maksud perbincangan adalah merujuk kepada satu bentuk anjakan pemikiran yang lebih kreatif dan kehadapan dalam membuat sesuatu perancangan

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Islamic financial firms, Islamic economists mostly in academic settings, regulators within government institutions, and Sharia scholars who are both practitioners and academics, Rudnyckyj carefully provides context for ongoing debates over the purpose ( maqasid ) of Sharia within Islamic finance. His core

An Unsere Leserinnen und Leser/To Our Readers 1
 Sadik Jalal Al-Azm November 7, 1934 (Damascus) – December 11, 2016 (Berlin) 3–6
 Stefan Wild
 New Trends in Islamic Legal Theory: Maqāṣid al-Sharīʿa as a New Source of Law? 7–32
 Felicitas Opwis

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