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Ronald Charles

Journal for the Study of Judaism 40 (2009) 242-259 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/157006309X410662 Hybridity and the Letter of Aristeas Ronald Charles Wycliff e College, University of Toronto, 4020 Brandon Gate Dr. # 8, Mississauga, Ontario, L4T 3W8, Canada ronald

Abdou Tenkouano, Dirk De Waele, Carine Dochez, Rodomiro Ortiz and Jim Whyte

Nematology , 2009, Vol. 11(3), 329-335 Host plant resistance to Radopholus similis in a diploid banana hybrid population Carine D OCHEZ 1 , ∗ , Abdou T ENKOUANO 2 , Rodomiro O RTI Z 3 , Jim W HYTE 4 and Dirk D E W AELE 5 1 IITA-Uganda, P.O. Box 7878, Kampala, Uganda 2 IITA-Cameroon, B.P. 2008 Messa

Peter Beerli, Thomas Uzzell, Hansjürg Hotz and Gaston-Denis Guex

Are hybrid clonals species? A case for enlightened anarchy Hansjürg Hotz1, Thomas Uzzell2, Peter Beerli3, Gaston-Denis Guex1 1 Zoologisches Museum, Universität Zürich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057 Zürich, Switzerland 2 Department of Ecology, Ethology and Evolution, University of Illinois

Abiodun Bashua

more to protect the people of Darfur, a novel solution involving the deployment of a jointly-mandated au and un peacekeeping operation was conceived. Dubbed a hybrid operation, the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur ( unamid ) represents a new development in peacekeeping and a

Andres B. Munoz Mosquera and Sascha Dov Bachmann

* The topic of this article was originally presented at the University of Exeter – Strategy and Security Institute Workshop during the “The Legal Framework of Hybrid Warfare and Influence Operations” seminar, which took place 16–17 September 2015. ** Andres B. Munoz Mosquera would like to thank

The World in Movement

Performative Identities and Diasporas

Edited by Alfonso de Toro and Juliane Tauchnitz

This book focuses on one of the main issues of our time in the Humanities and Social Sciences as it analyzes the impact of current global migrations on new forms of living together and the formation of identities and homes. Using a transdisciplinary and transcultural approach the contributions shed fresh light upon key concepts such as ‘ hybrid-performative diaspora’, ‘ transidentities’,‘ hospitality’, ‘ belonging’, ‘ emotion’, ‘ body,’ and ‘ desire’. Those concepts are discussed in the context of Cuban, US-American, Maghrebian, Moroccan, Spanish, Catalan, French, Turkish, Jewish, Argentinian, Indian, and Italian literatures, cultures and religions.

Aude Oliva

multiple meanings out of a single image: namely, double and hybrid images, which are images that look different depending on viewing distance or size. 1.1. Duality in Seeing: The Art of Double Images Figure 1 illustrates three famous pieces of ‘double image’ artwork. Each piece can be interpreted

Hybrides Erzählen

Text-Bild-Kombinationen bei Jean Le Gac und Sophie Calle

Stefanie Rentsch

Die Kombination von Texten und Bildern ist seit den 1960er Jahren gängige Kunstpraxis. Anhand detaillierter, vergleichender Analysen paradigmatischer Arbeiten der französischen Künstler Jean Le Gac und Sophie Calle zeigt die Autorin, wie die aus der Konzeptkunst hervorgegangene Story Art das Potential des erzählenden Wortes und die suggestive Kraft der Fotografie in einem irritierenden Wechselspiel verbindet. Im Mittelpunkt des komplexen medialen Beziehungsgeflechts der untersuchten Kunstwerke steht die künstlerische Selbstbeschreibung, die bei beiden Künstlern in einer Vervielfältigung von Identitätsangeboten mündet. Wie bedingen sich in den Arbeiten von Jean Le Gac und Sophie Calle das Changieren zwischen Autoporträt und Autobiographie einerseits und die Auflösung linearer Selbstdarstellungen andererseits gegenseitig? Um dem Beziehungsgeflecht zwischen Form und Inhalt, Gestaltung und Gestalt sprachlich gerecht zu werden, greift die Autorin auf die für die Postmoderne grundlegende Referenzkategorie der Hybride zurück und prüft, inwiefern sie für das wissenschaftliche Sprechen über die konkreten bimedialen künstlerischen Selbstinszenierungen adäquat und fruchtbar erscheint.


REFERENCES Blouin M.S. Genetic correlations among morphometric traits and rates of growth and differentiation in the green tree frog, Hyla cinerea Evolution 1992 46 735 744 Gartside D.F. Littlejohn M.J. Watson G.F. Structure and dynamics of a narrow hybrid zone between Geocrinia

Robert Muharremi

cases organs were removed from prisoners at a clinic on the territory of Albania and taken abroad for transplantation. 7 The Specialist Chambers are widely regarded as a hybrid court. Hybrid courts is a term used to describe judicial institutions which combine international and national elements