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A Modest Proposal on Method

Essaying the Study of Religion

Russell McCutcheon

A Modest Proposal on Method further documents methodological and institutional failings in the academic study of religion. This collection of essays identifies the manner in which old problems (like the presumption that our object of study is a special, deeply meaningful case) yet remain in the field. But amidst the critique there are a variety of practical suggestions for how the science of religion can become methodologically even-handed and self-reflexive—the markings of a historically rigorous exercise. Each chapter is introduced and contextualized by a newly written, substantive introduction.

Luther H. Martin, Donald Wiebe and E. Thomas Lawson

THE STUDY OF RELIGION IN ITS SOCIAL-SCIENTIFIC CONTEXT: A PERSPECTIVE ON THE 1989 WARSAW CONFERENCE ON METHODOLOGY E. Thomas Lawson Luther H. Martin Donald Wiebe An invitational conference on "Studies of Religion in the Context of the Social Sciences" was held in the Palace of the Polish

David Freidenreich

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2004 Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 16, 80-101 COMPARISONS COMPARED: A METHODOLOGICAL SURVEY OF COMPARISONS OF RELIGION FROM “A MAGIC DWELLS” TO A MAGIC STILL DWELLS 1 D avid M. F reidenreich 1. Comparison and its critics The project of comparative

Making Religion

Theory and Practice in the Discursive Study of Religion


Edited by Frans Wijsen and Kocku von Stuckrad

Discursive approaches to the study of religion have received a lot of attention recently. Making Religion brings together leading theorists in the field who explore the theoretical and practical dimensions of the analysis of religious discourse. The volume provides an overview of current debates in the field, extends and improves upon contemporary theories and methodologies, and contributes to the discipline more broadly by flagging the importance of this emerging field of research. The combination of theoretical reflection and practical application of discourse analysis as a tool to study religion opens up new perspectives for future research.

“Let’s Take the Text Seriously”

The Protectionist Doxa of Mainstream New Testament Studies

Stephen L. Young

work provide the exclusive paths to study the workings of their languages. Neither do political scientists methodologically commit to studying politicians “on their own terms” such that analysis entails simply reproducing their narratives about society. If a conservative political candidate says that

Chris A.M. Hermans and Carl Sterkens


Conrad Hackett, Brian Grim, Marcin Stonawski, Vegard Skirbekk, Noble Kuriakose and Michaela Potančoková

Indrek Peedu

proposed as to why this has become such a lively research topic. Among them, possibly, is an increasing awareness of the way “religion” both as a phenomenon of the world and as a research topic has been constructed during the past centuries, causing scholars to reflect more intensely on the methodological