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Matthias Pache

origin of those parallels is rather inconclusive. Whereas data presented by Adelaar (2009) suggest early, pre-Inca language contact between Mapudungun and the Aymaran languages that led to typological convergence, lexical parallels presented by other authors (e.g. Díaz-Fernández, 2008; Golluscio et

Lorenza Mondada

reconceptualisation des problèmes présentés en introduction (3.). Cela nous permettra à la fois de revisiter la question de la langue en interaction et de montrer la manière dont le code-switching est une ressource puissante pour l’organisation de l’interaction elle-même (4.). 1.1 Quelques défis posés par le code

Benny De Decker, Reinhild Vandekerckhove and Dominiek Sandra

localness may be ‘more a matter of individual occurrences of salient variants than of quantitative sums and relative frequencies’”. Within the present context it seems warranted to assume that a combined approach might tell more about the complex relation between chatspeak and spoken interaction than an

Osmer Balam

Spanish: DuBord, 2004 ; for New York Spanish: Montes-Alcalá and Lapidus Shin, 2011; Otheguy and Lapidus, 2003 ; for Miami Spanish: Valdés Kroff , in press). It is important to note that whereas Spanish nouns are encoded with grammatical gender, English nouns are not; thus, presenting a case of

Juan Antonio Thomas and Lotfi Sayahi

characteristics quite different from the variety of vulgar Latin which would develop into modern Castilian. In the present work, we will use the term Romance to refer to the variety of Romance spoken in Al-Andalus (Galmés de Fuentes 1983 , 1984), which was in contact with Andalusian Arabic and is the Romance

Cecilia Montes-Alcalá

was initially seen as a controversial issue for bloggers such as Fernández (2004) , who warned against language change in the first of his “10 commandments for bilingual blogs”: There should be a button, link, or pull-down menu to click or select, present in every page. That’s the way to turn from

Karoline Kühl and Elizabeth Peterson

1 Introduction The first large-scale, permanent settlements by Europeans and European Americans in the present-day state of Utah 1 were a result of the relocation of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( lds , commonly known as the Mormons) from the Midwest. The

Csilla-Anna Wilhelm

borrowed more frequently than any other category because they receive, not assign, thematic roles”. The aim of the present paper is to examine both inflectional and derivational noun and adjective morphologies and on how they behave in a multiple German-Hungarian-Romanian language contact situation in

John Lipski

relatively equal prestige and no tradition of overt language separation. The present study presents data from several communities in which Spanish is in contact with languages increasingly less cognate: Portuguese, Italian, and English, respectively. The data are drawn from “fluently dysfluent” speakers

Alan N. Baxter and Hugo C. Cardoso

either Portuguese 3s present tense forms or infinitives 5 ) and employ the preverbal forms já (based on Ptg. adverb já ‘already’) and há de (from the Ptg. complex auxiliary há-de ‘will’) to indicate past and future tense, respectively. With respect to the verb fala in (1a,b), Casal Ribeiro