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and instruments for the prosecution and judgement of these offences. c) An international trial where facts and responsibilities are assessed, and retribution and restitution determined, can contribute to a foundation for reconciliation. d) The existence and functioning of a such Tribunal can have a

included: • The OSCE should explore more deeply the role that religion plays in igniting and acceler- ating conflict, as well as the role that religion can play in conflict prevention and post- conflict reconciliation. Missions should have a good knowledge of the religious commu- nities in their countries

Editors Human Rights Law in Africa

Ombudsman and the enhancement of good governance in Lesotho" 9 Lesotho Law Journal (1996) 35 Makoa, FK "The meaning of reconciliation and unity in Lesotho of the 1980's: Implicatinos for future constitutional developments" 6(1) Lesotho Law Journal (1990) 1-289 Mamashela, M "Democracy in Lesotho: The

Editors Human Rights Law in Africa

, limitation and suspension clauses in South Africa's transitional Bill of Rights" 5 Stellenbosch Law Review (1994) 86 Dugard, J "Is the truth and reconciliation process compatible with international law? An unanswered question in Azapo v President of the Republic of South Africa" 13 South

Elazar Barkan

circumstances, the history of restitution would continue to provide us with guiding principles for reconciliation. The specific way each restitution case evolves depends upon the particulars. The translation of the universals to the concrete historical case demands adjustments, tinkering, interpretation and

Roger Duthie and Clara Ramírez-Barat

education. 14 In South Africa, for example, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report stated that 38% of victims asked for financial assistance and 90% asked for services such as education, medical care, and housing. 15 In Chile, victims speaking to the National Commission on

leaders and communities have a responsibility to ensure that every opportunity for positive involvement is seized, in order to reduce conflict, facilitate peace and reconciliation, and create stability. He also reiterated the importance of governments to engage in a meaningful dialogue with religious

democratic reform. In 1997 the OSCE has covered new ground in Albania. The coordinating framework provided by the OSCE and the close cooperation between organizations that developed within this framework was imperative for the results achieved. The process of reform and reconciliation now launched is

agreed on a Platform of National Reconciliation, consisting of the following nine points: 1. For the Parliament to proclaim a general amnesty for all those civilians and military involved in the riots following the failure of the pyramid schemes. 2. To form a Government of National Reconciliation

Editors Human Rights Law in Africa

other Congolese political and civil organisations to hold an all inclusive National Dialogue aimed at realising national reconciliation and a new political dispensation in the DRC; HEREBY AGREE AS FOLLOWS: ARTICLE I: THE CEASEFIRE 3. The ceasefire shall entail the cessation of: (c) all acts of violence