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Alexandra L. Fidyk

members of a family and extended family manifests as a need for systemic balance between the benefits enjoyed by one member and the disadvantage suffered by another. It is this systemic urge for balance that leads one member of the group to court misfortune when another is suffering, or that tempts one

Benjamin Ferguson

Jonathan Wolff’s new ethics textbook is clear and engaging. Educated readers looking for an introduction to ethical theory that balances accessibility and rigour and that includes timely discussions of race and gender issues will not be disappointed. Lecturers interested in using the textbook in an

Robin S. Brown

apparent from the whole ethos of Psychological Types that Jung had already formulated a strong sense of the importance that polarity, tension and balance would play in his psychology. The Transcendent Function , though not published until the 1950s, was written in 1916 – contemporaneous with his early

Stephen Holmes

directing our awareness of aspects of the body’s experience (including feelings, the five senses, the sense of balance, and proprioception) and aspects of cognitive experience (thinking, analyzing, languaging, inquiry, listening, setting goals, decision making, etc.). (The body’s experience alone or the

Emily Spencer

). Rightness as Fairness is meant to provide guidance in answering any moral question, as each person negotiates by putting herself in the Moral Original Position, seeking the proper balance of ideals and costs meant to accord with A-C above. Arvan states that he believes that Rightness as Fairness thus

Rudi Capra

functional strategy in Chan practice. Ultimately, I believe that the progressive formation and the gradual training of a proactive mindset is essential in counter-balancing the more theoretical aspect of Chan training, while the ritualization of dialogical performances encourages improvisational skills and

Gerald Cipriani

similarities is the stuff of meaning and, by extension, culture. Ethically, the life, validity and relevance of the process of the dialogue depend on all parties’ good disposition and ability to function according to a sense of recovered or potential balance between selves, identities and cultures; we should

Martin Mueller

truly secular liberal society is embodied by the figure of the liberal ironist. She has, as a nominalist and historicist, a humanistic sense of finitude and an enlightened awareness of the contingency of the liberal vocabulary which is central to her public identity. 9 With her practical balance of

Helena Bassil-Morozow

. 45). It can be organized and led by a group of disgruntled individuals whose vision of the system’s operation and functioning differs from that upheld by those in power. The psycho-anthropological task of communitates (sic) is to counter-balance the solidifying actions of the official structure. As a

David Mark Larsson

bioethical discourse in a clear and concise manner, he also does so with an eye for a broader audience, which, arguably, should include researchers in the field of phenomenological psychology. Throughout the book, he strikes an impressive balance between exploring phenomenological concepts, outlining the