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asked about their time in care. Needless to say, lawyers representing former residents tell a very different story. The civil cases, the bandwagon syndrome and the problematic police investiga- tions are still ‘live’ and controversial issues in the UK – far more so, in fact, than the events that

Ilias N. Arnaoutoglou

lasting effect. Even that, however, seems to me putting too much importance on the political function of the oath as ritual. Could the annually sworn Heliastic oath convince the Heliasts to initiate a “resistance bandwagon” against proposals aimed at curtailing democracy? Another parameter in regime

B. Lewis and John Poirier

wholeheartedly with the direction of these articles and are not content merely to stay out of the wheel ruts of the postmodernist ‘bandwagon’: 2 we intend to do our part to slow the bandwagon, as we think that its tune is a poor choice for Chris- tian theology in general and for Pentecostal theology in

David Grumett

have characteristically been lagging behind colleagues in other disciplines in their engagement with this emerging research field. It would be easy to try to rectify this by jumping on a bandwagon. However, writing from a broadly evangelical perspective, Sanders, Sexton and their contributors adopt a

Michael Addaney

. Sébastien JODOIN, Rosine FAUCHER and Katherine LOFTS analyze the potential influence of the human rights bandwagon on domestic climate policy. International human rights law obliges states to take or support mitigation and adaptation measures, and offers possible remedies and alternatives for affected

Alexander Lehrman

Levy-Bruhl and Karl Marx. 01'ga Freidenberg jumped blithely on the Marrist bandwagon. As the record of an intelligent life lived out under a totalitarian dictatorship, Frei- denberg's memoir, A Life's Course, is in some ways akin to Victor Klemperer's Ich will Zeugnis ablegen bis zum letzten

Laurence Badel

histoire globale de la diplomatie?” Monde(s ), 5 (1) (2014), 6–26; Zeiler, Thomas. “The Diplomatic History Bandwagon. A State of the Field.” Diplomatic History , 95 (4) (2009) 1053–73. 13 As for France, cf. Jeannesson, Stanislas. “Diplomatie et politique étrangère de la France contemporaine: un bilan

British history bandwagon at last begun to roll? Since John Pocock's "plea for a new subject" in the mid-1970s, the idea of writing a history of the Atlantic archipelago in terms of the evolution and interactions of its constituent polities, peoples, and cultures has attracted only fitful attention. It

Michael F. Palo

stands out: internal political, linguistic, and ideological divisions dictated a self-help policy that prioritised rearmament at the expense of balancing against the threat or bandwagoning with it. Given the policy options available, this one was the least divisive domestically. In the end, Belgium

Christopher R. Rossi

to be done. 69 4 Bandwagoning In quick fashion international organizations and scholars joined the Responsibility to Protect bandwagon , 70 propelling it to the forefront of international legal discourse as a normative solution to the humanitarian predicament. The term ‘bandwagon’ is not