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Jörg Ulrich

Translator Bill Templer

not their name is suitable for supporting the apologetic intention at the respective place. The book is sometimes rather difficult reading, due in to the research question at its centre and the corresponding methodological organization of the study. The argumentation in the study is necessarily

Dries Somers

within the fi eld of rabbinic literature and its importance for New Testament scholarship. Divided over two days, the fi fteen lectures were grouped in four large topical areas: “State of the Art,” “Methodology,” “Halakha,” and “Language and Literature.” After the welcoming address and opening of the

Irene Zwiep

methodology? Medieval Hebrew grammars and their titles If the pre-modern scholars had been more or less unanimous in thus avoiding the term ‘ ivri , they had shown great creativity when it came to prefacing their grammars with adequate titles. A short glance at the me- dieval linguistic library teaches us


Research on Sephardic Oral Culture in Israel Today

Tamar Alexander

narratives of Sephardic women in Jerusalem. From the examples cited above, we see that scholars from various disciplines are investigating Sephardic culture across a broad spectrum: linguistics, literature, history, musicology, art and visual culture, each scholar with his or her own methodology and own

Irene Zwiep

. Rather than indulging in methodological speculation, Reif's aim was to justify the creation of a new Cambridge chair devoted to the study of something as 'exotic' and particular as medieval Jewish culture. In his own words, he intended 'to demonstrate (... ) the degree to which many medieval Jewish

Guido Bartolucci

expanded the object, methodology and fields of research. The economic history of the Jews in this context has proved to be a suitable focus for these kinds of studies. In particular, in the economic activity of Sephardic Jews, scholars have found an opportunity to study a trade that extended from Europe to

Jan Schwarz

ide- ology onto his object. It is incumbent upon the biographer to separate mythmaking from historical facts while constantly being aware of his own biases and selective methodologies. One methodological approach to Rabinovitz’s letters is to view them as literary creations in their own right and as a

Holger Gzella

interpretation, or are by now outdated, the basic methodology 9 still has much to say to present-day students of Canaanite: Harris forcefully rejected the customary ‘family tree’ model in favour of the view that sound changes rather spread in ‘waves’ due to language contact from a centre to its periphery. While

Yaniv Hagbi

other methodological and rhetorical considerations of a given historian will also be instrumental for any evaluation of a work of history of literature. Just as Zionism was part of the larger European ideal of national- ism, the latter was not the only ideological infrastructure for critics and

Yossi (Joseph) Turner

themselves. Rather, it can only be achieved by presuming a deep religious intuition that lay at the base of Rosenzweig’s thinking, in light of what appears to be a methodological jump from his consideration of prayer with respect to the notion of revelation as love in Part ii to that of prayer as an