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Robert Nicolaï

University of Vienna for nearly 40 years. The work’s style caused quite a stir. The writing is in one block, like the oratorical flow of a public speech, rhetorically presented as addressing the recipient of the homage. There are no chapters to structure its parts, no headings to lighten the density of the

Marianne Mithun

typologically very similar, and they can share much of their morphological form and structure. But they present a major hurdle: distinguishing contact effects on the one hand, from common inheritance and drift on the other. Here it is shown that under the right circumstances, such situations can help us to sort

Annegret Bollée

, and they show clearly that creolisation in Réunion must have been a gradual process. The manuscript of these texts was discovered in the Lazarist Archives in Paris by the historian Megan Vaughan. 1 They were unknown until Philip Baker and I presented and commented on them in a workshop of the Groupe

Jacomine Nortier

below, are very much involved in the process of constructing and presenting a social identity, and such actions are of course an unavoidable consequence of living in the highly dynamic circumstances that multi-ethnic neighborhoods in large urban areas are. In such circumstances adolescents are left as

Joshua Bousquette

home or otherwise readily available to young children, and crucially this language is not a dominant language of the larger (national) society” ( Rothman, 2009 : 156); in the North American context, this socially-dominant language is typically English. In the present study, English and WHG copular

Mauro Tosco

been given. Along this road, the world will easily be seen as a network of areas, possibly interacting with each other. Arealness will thus become an ever-present feature of language, interacting—and possibly obscuring—the genetic affiliation of languages. Still, that languages interact with each other

Jonathan Owens

The notion of ‘language’ is a surprisingly fuzzy concept even among the community of linguistic scholars. This is despite the fact that concepts and methodologies exist to give fairly explicit characterizations of the notion. In the context of a general review of a book on Maltese Linguistics, this article will address definitional issues arising out of the interesting historical and socio-political reality of present-day Maltese, particularly as they relate to comparative and language contact problems.

Anna Ghimenton

, listing the challenges plurilingualism and plurilingual competencies set to the educational system. He ends his chapter by presenting the components of a dynamic model having the notion of plurality at its heart. This approach would contribute to the construction of education systems, open to diversity

Ian Smith

language” that had contact with the recipient language “intimate enough to make structural interference possible;” (3) identify “shared structural features,” which “need not be identical in all respects”; (4) “prove that the shared features….were not present in the receiving language before it came

Brigitte Pakendorf

hopes to contribute to a better understanding of the development of the rare and intriguing outcome of language contact exemplified by Copper Island Aleut by presenting a Siberian case-study of (potentially ongoing) paradigm copying. It deals with the westernmost dialect of Ėven, a Northern Tungusic