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Joe Holland

1993 for his part in the death of Arone. He has been released from the Canadian Forces and has been turned over to civilian medical authorities. Should his condition ever im- prove sufficiently, he may be subject to a resumed trial on these charges. Medical ex- perts think such improvement unlikely

Harvey Langholtz and Boris Kondoch

publisher. Authorization to photocopy items for internal or personal use is granted by the publisher provided that the appropriate fees are paid directly to the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Suite 910, Danvers MA 01923, USA. Fees are subject to change. Printed in the Netherlands (on acid

we knew would be subject to scrutiny and interpretation. Over three separate three-day meetings in New York, Geneva and then New York again, we forged the letter and the spirit of the attached report. Its analysis and recommen- dations reflect our consensus, which we convey to you with our hope that

Jens Bernhardt

peace process, a stronger inter- vening organisation like the UN was needed. The Cotonou Agreement of July 1993 is the subject of Chapter Four. The Agreement concerns primarily a cease-fire and secondarily disarma- ment, demobilisation, elections, repatriation of refugees and a general am- nesty

Boris Kondoch

Guide The Guide by the Canadian Force College is also worth trying, where many links to African countries are available. African Index contains more than 2000 links relating to countries and different subjects. Contemporary Conflicts in

identification has been established, they shall not be subjected to interrogation and they shall be promptly released and returned to United Nations or other appropriate authorities. Pending their release such personncl shall be treated in accordance with universally recog- nized standards of human rights and


Stand-by arrangements ― A way out of the crisis in UN peacekeeping?

T. .K.

mentioned that the Memorandum may be modified by the signatories at any time and further provides that the Memorandum may be ter- minated by either signatory, subject to a notification period of not less than three months. Any deployment of any of the ear- marked components will still require the prior

Torsten Sevecke

Peacekeeping' (which will be available in Summer 1995) and serves as a focal point for all training activi- ties related to peacekeeping. In coop- eration with other training institu- tions, the Training Unit develops special training programs, material and research on relevant peacekeep- ing subjects. The

. The moral dilemma that some of these choices represent has not been lost upon those who negotiated its constitutive instruments. III. Competeuce of the Special Court A. Subject-matterJurisdiction 12. The subject-matter jurisdiction of the Special Court comprises crimes under international humanitarian


The Italian Contribution to the UN's Stand-by Arrangements System


Parliament in the process. Whenever the political and military dimension of the Italian contribution is more significant, a decision about whether to send troops which is adopted by the Council of Ministers but not yet executed will be subject to the Parliament's scrutiny. The Houses will either approve or