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Peter Meinhold

Part of Protestantism: 1. Self-Understanding 2. Church Constitutions 3. Confessions of Faith 4. Theology 1. Historical survey. The function assigned to Protestant theology depends on the view taken of the nature of Protestantism and its ecclesial character. This is fully confirmed by the way the

Michael S. Northcott

1 Introduction Since the publication of Lynn White Jr.’s essay on the historic roots of the ecological crisis, Christianity, including Protestant Christianity, has been subjected to what James Nash called an “ecological complaint” ( White 1967; Nash 1991 ). In essence this complaint is that

Ringleben, Joachim

The term Kulturprotestantismus, or “culture Protestantism,” common since at least 1870, has obscure origins. Seldom used in self-designation, it is often equated in popular parlance with liberal theology or neo-Protestantism (Protestantism). Early dialectical theology seems to have introduced this

Germann, Michael and Grethlein, Christian

[German Version] I. History and Practical Theology – II. Law Confirmation, understood here in a narrower sense as a rite in Protestant churches, has been interpreted and shaped differently. Today, it is common in almost all Protestant churches, even in families that are rather distanced from the

Wilhelm Graf, Friedrich and Wolfes, Matthias

[German Version] Talk of a “new” or “modern” Protestantism surfaced sporadically c. 1800, but did not achieve a firm foothold until the hardening of deep religious and cultural divides between “liberal theologians” (Liberal theology), mediation theologians (Mediation theology), theological

Leslie Smith

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2008 DOI: 10.1163/157006808X317446 Method and Th eory in the Study of Religion 20 (2008) 191-211 M E T H O D T H E O R Y in the S T U D Y O F R E L I G I O N & What’s In A Name? Scholarship and the Pathology of Conservative Protestantism Leslie

Ryan Dunch

Nan Nü 11 (2009) 65-101 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/138768009X12454916571805 N A N N Ü Christianizing Confucian Didacticism: Protestant Publications for Women, 1832-1911 * Ryan Dunch (University of Alberta) Abstract  e printed Protestant missionary

Paul Valkema Blouw

PAUL VALKEMA BLOUW Early protestant publications in Antwerp, 1526-30 The pseudonyms Adam Anonymus in Basel and Hans Luft in Marlborow Less than fifteen years after an acknowledged Dutch expert had declared that it was impossible to identify books printed after i48o on the basis of typograph

Timothy Tseng

121 Protestantism in Twentieth-Century Chinese America: The Impact of Transnationalism on the Chinese Diaspora Timothy Tseng Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity This article examines how an indigenous form of evangelicalism be- came the predominant form of Chinese

Amy C. Dolphin and Karl-Ludwig Ay

GEOGRAPHY AND MENTALITY SOME ASPECTS OF MAX WEBER'S PROTESTANTISM THESIS* KARL-LUDWIG AY Summary In his essays on the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism Max Weber proceeds from the observation that in Germany there is a clearly recognizable dif- ference between the economic behaviour