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Götter vorbereiten. München 2012. S.30-47. 28 Scherer, Wolfgang. Klavier-Spiele. Die Psychotechnik der Klaviere im 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert. München 1989. 29 Derrida, Jacques. Grammatologie. Frankfurt am Main 2013. 30 Auch in der von Axel Volmar und Jens Schröter verfassen Einleitung des Bandes Auditive

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life and health of citizens, a license shall be issued based on said submitted documents without an additional audit. (4) The issuance of a license shall be denied only if provided for by legislation ofthe Republic ofKazakhstan. The grounds for denial shall be rendered to the applicant in writing. (5

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to attract and retain talented drivers, conductors, mechanics, etc. Local elites in Chicago are exploiting the eco- nomic crisis in order to implement neoliberal austerity policies that would have been too politically controversial to do so in a more stable political-eco- nomic context (Harvey 2006

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Although there is no commonly accepted definition for the term "eco- label," it is a label that tells the consumer something about the environmen- tal characteristics of the product. Many would claim that it is also a label "that reflects the results of life-cycle analyses,"8 meaning that it takes into

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, the directive aims at improv- ing the coordination between the administrative entities involved.38 33 SeeHeineltetal.,ProzeduraleUmweltpolitikderEU.Umwelt- vertr5glichkeitsprOfungen und Eco-Audits im Ländervergleich, 2000, 98. 34 See EIIwein, Verwaltungsarchiv 87 (1 996), 1 ff.; Lehmbruch, From State

Strategy on Russia, 386 corruption and bribery, 408 discrimination, prohibition of, 136, 297, 312-313 Eco Management and Audit Scheme, 392 EC Treaty, 170-171, 478 Euratom Treaty, 170-171 1 European Convention on Human Rights, relation to, 295-297 High Representative for the common foreign and security

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China permits foreign enterprises and other economic organizations or indivuals to invest in China and to engage in various forms of economic co-operation with Chinese enterprises or other eco- nomic organizations in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China. All foreign enterprises and


and its outline was first an- nounced in the Manifesto of February, 1727, which noted the serious eco- nomic condition of the country: the dwindling of commerce, the ruin of the peasantry, and the shortage of coin. The manifesto also concluded that against such a background of general disruption and

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particular recognition of the significance of the phenomenon. As well, AUSSE data has been used by institutions to conduct internal quality audits and reviews of teaching, learning and curriculum. Outside institutions, information on student engagement has influenced government discussions and policy. 25

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) introduced by the central Thai authorities ( Panya and Sirisai 2003 ). Panya and Sirisai (ibid) found that in Thai rural society “religious values and beliefs” have contributed to the formation of a “collective eco-consciousness.” In similar research on North American Judeo-Christian farmers, Curry (2000