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Alan Hardacre and Michael Smith

- demic literature. 7 From the realist school comes a focus on balancing and band- wagoning, which relates equally to power, commercial imperatives and institutions in the world arena. Empirical studies within the realist perspective have also sup- ported the argument that balancing and bandwagoning are

Frank H.W. Edler

would take. Less than a month before he was elected Rector of Freiburg University, Heidegger writes to Elisabeth Blochmann about the political scene: what must be tolerated in all calmness is that rash, headlong jumping on the bandwagon to join the latest things which is mushrooming everywhere: that way

Mohiaddin Mesbahi and Mohammad Homayounvash

shrewd cognizance of the benefits of “appropriateness in international politics and its underpinning regimes ( Wendt 1999 ) ( Müller 2004 ). The fine-tuned language Beijing employs vis-à-vis Tehran’s nuclear program indicates a country co-opted into the npt regime and willing to tactically bandwagon

Ray Christensen

bandwagon effect occurred. The likely winner in a district was better able to attract wavering potential supporters, and the candidate that seemed headed toward defeat suffered from defections. Though some support organizations might be committed to a specific candidate for ideological reasons, others

Nimet Beriker

often limited to bandwagoning with key allies. In return, middle powers are often provided some security benefits from their key partner. In a diffused system, however, this relationship is more complicated than simple bandwagoning. Given that middle powers do not have much positional power in shaping


Exploring Inclusive Education and ‘Inclusion’ in the African Context


Sulochini Pather and Roger Slee

Kauffman and Hallahan (1995) and Farrell (2006 , 2010 , 2012 ) dismiss inclusive education as a political bandwagon. We reject these dismissals of inclusive education and reassertions of special education. With respect to the notion of ‘inclusion’ in Africa, Phasha, Mahlo, and Dei (2017) suggest that

Herman de Lange

bandwagoning with more powerful countries and the involvement of initially unfriendly and rival states in processes that finally result in removing state's security dilemmas. This is a very radical change that occurred in the last phase of the Cold War in Europe. Notions like common security (Palme Commission


Raphael Lataster

Composition, identifies as an agnostic on the matter simply because of the “paucity of evidence”. See , ­accessed 02/05/2018. Here Duncan also expresses disgust at historicists’ reliance on the bandwagon and authority fallacies. 12

Sigmund Strømme

t join t h e bandwagon, like A l e x a n d e i Solszenitsyn, had very few options: to stop writing, go underground, go i n t o exile - or share the fate of the hundreds of thousands in piis- ons, laboui camps and mental asylums. It seems contiadictoiy t h a t duiing these same times the Soviet Union

Henry Chakava

failed miserably. In others, I have been a trail-blazer ahead of my time. Some of my ideas, such as the launch- ing of a popular fiction imprint (Spear Books), have proved more successful in the hands of competitors who jumped on my bandwagon. Marketing and pro- motion receive very low priority in