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Brock Cutler

a boundary. In 1852 transgression of this idea and the sovereignty it represented angered Bey Ahmad of Tunis. Two incidents strained the definition of the border as a joint project, of mutual interest to sovereigns. The first came in the spring, as the government of Algeria accelerated plans to

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Kofi Oteng Kufuor

be constrained either by the sovereignty of the people or by international regimes for the good of an open international trading order. Thus, the embrace of supranational orders reflects this willingness to limit state power and to instead institute new political arrangements aimed at enhancing

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Geoff Mann

centre, explicitly and implicitly: sovereignty and possession. I want to use the historical, material, and discursive status of the fact-concept ‘unceded’ as an opening to a critical examination of the status of sovereignty and possession in Coulthard’s Red Skin, White Masks . As far as I can tell

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Claire Vergerio

of war at the time. Ultimately, I argue that one of the most important reasons why Gentili’s dib stood out was that it was the work of an absolutist who tried to base a theory of the laws of war on what was at the time a ground-breaking and controversial conception of sovereignty. In doing so

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Hussein Fancy

this is to say that Jaume aimed less at religious conversion than politico-theological innovation in Valencia. Recently, Maribel Fierro has argued provocatively that these experiments with and aspirations toward universal sovereignty were also influenced by the Almohads, who had been the dominant

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Amitav Acharya

credited to the work of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS). Sensitive to the prevailing divisions among Western and developing countries (‘where industrialized countries are more enthusiastic in principle, while developing countries are more wary about providing a

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Angelica Fanaki

principles of humanitarian assistance in natural disasters – in particular sovereignty and non-intervention, humanity and neutrality and international responsibility. 2. IDRL and ILC Draft Articles: Legal and Operational Aspects The IDRL Guidelines of the IFRC have been the initial reference point for

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National History as a History of Compacts

Jus Publicum Europaeum and Suzerainty in Romania in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Andrei Dan Sorescu

the Ottoman Porte, Romanian nationalists of the first half of the nineteenth century used the language of international relations to assert national agency and sovereignty in a European context, in a manner compatible with prevailing notions of international law. Drawing on an assortment of sources

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Mikhail Krom

medieval cities in different parts of Europe which Charles Tilly labeled “fragmented sovereignty” 3 when the control over the city was divided between several authorities including the city magistrates and a prince or an emperor. Using the history of fifteenth-century Pskov as a case study, I am going to

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Sovereignty in the Age of Global Terrorism

The Role of International Organisations


Myriam Feinberg

Sovereignty in the Age of Global Terrorism: The Role of International Organisations analyses the role of international organisations in adopting counterterrorism measures after 9/11 and the impact of these measures on the sovereignty of their Member States. The book examines the counterterrorism regimes of the UN and four regional organisations (with a special focus on the EU), as well as their implementation by their Member States. It includes the 2008 Kadi case of the European Court of Justice as case study of the conflicts between legal regimes that have competing mandates to fight terrorism. The relevance of the book lies in both comprehending the rationale for international actions against terrorism and the consequences on international law and State sovereignty.