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Ahmad Al-Jallad

feast’ ( halot , #2661). The subject of this verb is mt , which I would identify as the Canaanite Mōt, Baal’s adversary. I would suggest that this celebratory feast marks the defeat of Baal and the sovereignty of Mōt over the land, just as Baal celebrated his kingship with a feast. While other

Seth L. Sanders

limits these scholars encountered is the fact that Carr took Old Babylonian Sumerian as key evidence for his model of a more or less universal memory-based “ancient Near Eastern” mode of transmission, perhaps because when his research was being conducted, this area had been the subject of the most

Shalom E. Holtz

that really the opponents “are not present,” and, in line 87, only Nusku really knows who they are. But with the help of wax figurines, these impediments to the progress of justice can be overcome. 14 At this point, it is worth noting that the subject of the opponent’s presence and identity raises a

Oguz Soysal

34.119 ii 2’, 8 and a-an-za-a à - [ à i ? - i à ? ] in the purification and healing ritual of Tunnawiya for the royal pair IBoT 3.99:13’ 9 which do not yield any decisive evidence on the subject. After combining the contents of both omen texts some useful information about § nt - “equal” can be


merely subjected to the consequences of his impulses. 10 Isolation and pun- ishment are both features of a struggle for power between Prometheus and Zeus, of a politics of sacri fi ce that caused the act of distribu- tion and consumption to be (and to remain) contested. The inter- play of solidarity and

John Van Seters

making reference to the so-called “canon formula” of Deut 4:2 and 13:1, i.e., that nothing should be added or removed from the text, van der Toorn asserts that the text was rigidly controlled by using a single master copy that was under the supervision of the Levitical scribes. Although it was subject to

Abraham Winitzer

reversal theme in Esther must first be presented. It is thus to this subject that we presently turn (II–IV). II The Framework of the Reversal Theme The reversal of expected fates is seemingly ever-present in Esther. Certainly this is true vis-à-vis Mordechai and Haman, whose dramatic trading of

Jeffrey P. Emanuel

, which has continued to be widely accepted in the modern era from Macalister’s landmark 1914 study on Philistine culture to the present. 2 The history and culture of the southern coastal plain of Canaan has been the subject of numerous works of evidence—based archaeological scholarship, particularly

Michael Swartz

Blessing and Cursing If blessing and curse texts seek to impress the ear, some also seek to impress the eye. Despite the fact that drawings, diagrams, and other graphic elements are widespread in magical texts, this topic has not been the subject of attention by scholars until recently. Moreover, the role

Andrea Seri

details and the main actors differ. Certain compositions begin with the separation of Heaven and Earth or they start with the existence of nothingness, when in reality the main subject refers to something else. A number of Mesopotamian texts encompassing short cosmogonies were already conveniently