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Viren Murthy

critique of reification or rationalization from a standpoint before ordinary distinctions between subject and object. It is this standpoint outside of ordinary distinctions, a type of religious perspective that Takeuchi associates with Lu Xun. See Uhl, 2003. Viren Murthy 22 Japan’s involvement in the

just propaganda or a deviation of literary modernity, is actually in profound interaction with the re-imagination of the human subject—a project dating back at least to the invention of the bourgeois universality in Kant, in Early Romanticism, and in the anthropological tradition of philosophy—in a

Jürgen Trabant

school subjects, is the very efficient didactic weapon for the implementation of an Anglophone education. Ambitious parents prepare their children for becoming ceo s by getting their babies into an English speaking crèche and kindergarten, and the happy grandparents finance the move into the Global

Xudong Zhang

appropriate. The principal characters are all male: this is an issue worth discussing. Why are the protagonists who participate in thought all schoolboys, whereas girls do not enter the sphere of thought, and hence are not treated as the subject of enlightenment? It would seem that boys are the only ones who

Marcel Lepper

The subject area of the philologies is growing. It is growing not only as a result of new questions, which are starting to incorporate political and social processes, cultural practices, old and new media, and traditional and experimental genres. Nor is it growing solely because philologists have

Bīdil’s Portrait

Asceticism and Autobiography

Prashant Keshavmurthy

disciple-readers. 8 In Bīdil’s politically threatened Delhi, as I explain below, this prose style signaled the writer’s mastery over himself as well as the world of “generation and corruption,” the sublunary world that was naturally subject to agitations. His reader-disciples, in turn, would have

Ban Wang

by parochialism. The emperor and his ministers apparently relate to each other under a broad compass of emperor-subject morality. But just as friendship does not necessarily mean social or civic morality, the emperor-subject relation is not necessarily for the public good. An empire, Liang asserts

Pu Wang

Great Leap Forward, the workers and peasants embody the germination of communism”; 9 this collective subject was the legislator of the new age and society, and therefore the literary legislator in their own songs (just like Mao, in his own ancient-style poems). 10 “The people” or renmin , was the

Holy Lives as Texts

Saints and the Fashioning of Kashmir’s Muslim Identity

Mufti Mudasir

realism and depth, and a failure to represent the personalities of their subjects as the most notable characteristics of these texts. It is, however, to be remembered that these lives were mostly written to serve as models for the initiates into various mystical paths, and hence offer little in terms of a

Text and Determination

On Racism in 19th Century European Philology

Markus Messling

originates in the epistemic milieu of the emerging discipline of biology in that it exceeds taxonomic thought and subjects history to an inner evolutionary principle. On closer inspection, however, one can see that what is more crucial are in fact the differences to modern biology, which, at around the same