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Akkadian words and a list of German interpretations of magical materials (pp. 823-836), further names (pp. 837-843), subjects (pp. 844-859) and references of quoted and/or translated texts (pp. 860- 922). According to the aim of this journal my review will focus pri- marily on the “introduction”, because

Alan Lenzi

Literally ina tar ß i in its temporal sense means “in the time of” (see CAD T, 242). 14 Ninagal is Ea’s smith. 15 The subject of ukkin ù is taken as an inde fi nite “they” and thus translated as a passive voice in English. I leave open the possibility, however, that the break at the beginning of line 11

Duane E. Smith

lands indicates the target subject of the omen. 43 The Homeric omen adds two interpretive elements: how the snake came to fall and a non-punning reason that the omen portends disaster. The Akkadian omen has the snake eating a bird as an added condition in the protasis. This added condition is not

Carlo Corti

Black Sea and surrounding territories, which will be published shortly; on this occasion, some issues, regarding religious subjects will be analysed. When addressing the topic related to the region of Zalpa on the Black Sea from a religious and cultural point of view, one must point out that the archive

Keith Dickson

realization” applies equally well to Gilgamesh as to the Greek inscriptions that are his subject. The implicit imitatio of the SV prologue, in which the reader performs a stylized, bodily re-enactment of the hero’s career, also speaks to this theme. Both kinds of engagement, moreover, “sonorous” no less than

Jeremy M. Hutton

yahweh 193 B inscriptions is in keeping with a rural open air sanctuary as the imagined backdrop of the pithos B scene. 70 Although the relationship of the inscriptions to the drawings has been the subject of much debate, 71 and is left an open question here, it must be admitted that Schmidt’s thorough

Joel Travis Hamme

Following bhs G (S) ἀνθρωπαρέσκων; read probably חנף. 43 I am reading ישוב as a hiphil, with God as subject, following the Qere, lxx , and Syriac. See also deClaissé-Walford, Jacobson, and Tanner, Psalms , 470. 44 Again, following the designation and title of Mayer; see n. 3 above. 45

Mehmet-Ali Ataç

priests, like Sîn-leqi-unn Ì nn Ê , in Gilgamesh as ruler of the Netherworld (Tigay 1997: 44). 4 In stating in a nutshell the main subject matter of the epic, Abusch writes: ‘It is about nature, culture, the value of human achievements and their limitations, friendship and love, separation and sorrow

David Frankfurter

or word that bears that power once transferred, as well as the protective power with which a subject is endowed following such an act. But what do these two diametrically opposed forms of speech have to do with each other besides carrying performative e ffi cacy? This paper argues that each re fl ects

Jan Bremmer

himself as energetic and vigilant, is the very fi rst certain surviving mention of the Greeks in Oriental sources. 2 That does not mean to say that these pirates were the fi rst Greeks to be encountered by the Orient. The letter itself speaks about them as a subject familiar to the king, and Greeks had