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they have been quite porous. The Panel emphasized the usefulness of targeted sanctions (financial, travel, aviation or arms embargoes), rather than comprehensive economic sanctions of the sort that were in force against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. It stressed the need for effective monitoring mechanisms

In: Journal of International Peacekeeping
Author: Rene Uruena

produced less harm to the general population. 3 That new generation of measures was known as targeted or smart sanctions and was imposed for the first time in 1997 on members of the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola (UNITA). 4 Although not a term of art, targeted sanctions refer generally

In: International Organizations Law Review

that involves targeting sanctions better on the culprits, and cushioning vulnerable groups by exempting certain commodities from the embargoes. Bull and Tostensen argue that although there is scope for improving the design of sanctions regimes, technically speaking, the inherently political nature of

In: Human Rights in Development Online
Author: Kofi Annan

made clear that hand-wringing and appeals to conscience by the international community are not enough. We must be ready to use all diplomatic, humanitarian and other means – including targeted sanctions against the leaders responsible – to protect populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war

In: Nordic Journal of International Law
Author: Antonio Galli

the President to impose targeted sanctions, and administrative regulations and policies for humanitarian organizations accepting us funding. A us Legal and Regulatory Measures 1 The Material Support Statute Sections § 2339A and 2339B of title 18 of the us Code relate to the prohibition of

In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies
Author: Jan Klabbers

(2011) 285–289 so much discretion that it is difficult to argue afterwards that they actually violated anything: this, arguably, applies when the Security Council imposes targeted sanctions. In situations such as these, there is little to be gained by insisting on rules and by holding international

In: International Organizations Law Review
Author: Jan Klabbers

element of prescription. Hovell, a lecturer at the London School of Economics, observes that discussions among international lawyers on controlling the imposition of targeted sanctions by the Security Council tend to come in three forms. Some people feel that there ought to be an international tribunal to

In: International Organizations Law Review

to questions of responsibility. For example, while in its judgment of 14 November 2007 4 the Swiss Federal Court absolved Switzerland of committing a wrongful act in relation to the implementation of the United Nations (‘ un ’)-endorsed targeted sanctions against Mr Nada, the European Court of Human

In: International Organizations Law Review

report on the atrocities in Northern Rakhine State, the US government states that the violence was ‘extreme, large-scale, widespread, … well-planned and coordinated’. 42 As targeted sanctions were imposed following the ethnic cleansing in August 2018, Sigal Mandelker, a senior Treasury Department

In: Global Responsibility to Protect
Author: Juha Rainne

and Switzerland also participated in the seminar. 16) EU Council Document 10176/07 ‘Public Outreach Paper: Fair and Clear Procedure in Targeted Sanctions to Combat Terrorist Financing’, 5 May 2007. 17) OJ No L 29 of 2 February 2005. See notifi cation of the Ministry for Foreign Aff airs No 123/2005 of

In: Nordic Journal of International Law