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Cecelia Clegg

is to focus much energy on the politi- cal and interpersonal levels of reconciliation without recognizing the import of Harold Saunder’s insight that it is citizens who make peace and citizens who can make or break accords. Th is was evident in some of the difficulties sur- rounding the implementation

Anthony Dancer

eology 3 (2009) 97–107 105 Of particular signifi cance is the extent to which the energy for justice and social transformation has largely not been pursued or continued by the church at large since the Hikoi of Hope. Uprising has largely given way to apathy, perhaps because people believe the situation is

Kjetil Fretheim

responsible politicians, a number of specific suggestions and ethical guidance for political decision making have been offered: Norway should change its transport system, invest considerably in research on alternative energy sources and implement domestic cuts in oil production. The government should “give

Clive Pearson

enables Cronshaw to slant a public theology towards the imagination and energy of a younger audience— and thus render the possibility of the discipline being subject to generational criticism. It also lends itself to a call to public action for those who belong to a generation of younger adults who might

Robert C. Newman

source of energy for carbon-based life, the fitness of carbon dioxide for the excretion of the products of carbon oxidation, the fitness of bicarbonate as a buffer for biological systems, the fitness of the slow hydration of carbon dioxide, the fitness of the lipid bilayer as the boundary of the cell

Izak Johannes (Johan) van der Merwe

seventy per cent of all emissions, and developing countries less than twenty-five per cent, the future growth in emissions will come from developing countries, due to more rapid population growth, growth in GDP and an increasing share of energy-intensive industries. The Stern review does assert, however

Elaine Graham

argue that despite its ambivalent history, and its capacity to incite hatred and conflict, religious faith is still one of the richest, most enduring and most dynamic sources of energy and hope for cities. Faith is a vital—and often essential—resource in the building of relationships and communities. In

Chris Baker and Jonathan Miles-Watson

, is the concern to ‘provide a moral energy for a properly self-critical society’; 17 a moral energy that Williams believes is sapped by secularism’s universalizing stress on instrumental views concerning the maximizing of individual happiness. It is with this concern, therefore, to develop some of the

Michael Gecan

’s energy, appreciate its power, and am concerned about its impact. I acknowledge its place in our lives, but, like most Americans, I don’t worship it. And I’ve spent a significant part of my life working with people to keep it in its place. The market culture, for all of its emphasis on personal

Roberto Puggioni

renewable energy sources; the building of new edifices only under the respect of the highest ecological standards, etc. Then all these actions, in a degrowth’s perspective, might be easily financed by drawing from the military expenses. These same measures, however, especially those concerning the