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W. Den Boer

initiation in Eleusis. Whether Philip actually had been initiated is irrelevant. Philip was also a great unifier and Panhellene. The lofty precedent is linked with a signi- ficant reconciliation which is quite in line with his consolidating policy. The homonoia finds an echo in Pliny's Panegyricus and in Dio

O. Tsagarakis

the bravest man after Achilles himself 65), and he might, in Nestor's judgement, be respected by Achilles 66) : if Achilles ever valued fighting qualities and abilities in man he would honor Ajax, and possibly listen to him and what he would have to say about the reconciliation. Besides, Ajax was

Sophia Papaioannou

. Conclusion In sum, Evander’s legend was a tradition familiar to Vergil’s con- temporaries, but no other author prior to Vergil introduced the Arcadian exile in the foundation tradition of Rome as a spiritual ancestor of the Roman nation. By welcoming Aeneas Evander emphasizes the necessity of reconciliation

Milorad Nikolic

that may be particular to only one spe- cific site with its individual problems. The sample size of surviving inverted siphons is too small to allow a comprehensive reconciliation with Vitruvius’ text. Hodge (2002, 428 n. 43) lists sixteen inverted siphons from the Hellenistic and twenty-five from the

out by Ion to fetch water (94-97) have returned and give information to the women, singing in alternation with them. And this supposition finally makes him declare that the Delphian servants, mingling with the Athenian women, symbolize the political reconciliation between Delphi and Athens (p. 86

Costas Panayotakis

reconciliation, see Cèbe, v. supra (note 11), 214. 70) See J. P. V. D. Balsdon, Life and Leisure in Ancient Rome (London/Sydney/ Toronto 1969), 302 ff; G. Ville, La gladiature en occident des origines à la mort de Domi- tien (Ecole Française de Rome 1981), passim. 71) P. B. Corbett, Petronius (New York 1970), 92

Everard Flintoff

. One could as well doubt the ending of Twelfth Night because, unlike the other comedies, with their reconciliations, it finishes on the sour note of Malvolio's threat: I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you. So much then for the underlying logic of the attack on the ending. But this is all just

M.F.A. Brok, J.C. Kamerbeek, R.E.H. Westendorp Boerma, W.K. Kraak, C.W. Van Boekel, B.A. Van Groningen, J.H. Croon, E.J. Jonkers, C.J. De Vogel, J.C. Opstelten, W. Den Boer, K. Sprey, G.J. De Vries, J. TH. M. F. Pieters and A. Hoekstra

ending with rewards in the form of marriage, reconciliation, manumission, etc., and sometimes justice in the form of punishment) correspond with the stock characters. The facts that emerge are perhaps not very surprising, but it is worth while to see them collected and compared; remarkable, for instance

aux femmes sabines apres la reconciliation (p. 165), mais aux femmes romaines a cause de leur contribution d'or pour Camille. - Quoique l'auteur admette lui- meme qu'il n'y a rien en 1'histoire de Verginia qui ne soit acceptable pour la theorie traditionelle, il prefere supposer qu'elle etait enfant

(81), and his endeavours for reconciliation of economic and cul- tural progress. (6) The traditional view of the Peysian ways according to Herod- otus, and a sensible treatment of the Themistocles decree (416- 418). Here this brief survey must end. As regards the Pentakontaetia the author follows his