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Hong Liu and Min Zhou

early twenty-first centuries. Elim Wong Yee Lam’s paper on “Overseas Chinese Women and Education” explores women’s role in education. Through a case study of an overseas Chinese women’s association in Yokohama’s Chinatown with analysis of fieldwork materials and life stories, Wong shows that the second

Alan L. Chan

much and recommend it to all who are interested in broadening their horizons regarding the theology of the Church. Alan L. Chan Canaan Chinatown Christian Church, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Alan L. Chan

DOI: 10.1163/157338310X498369 Book Reviews / Mission Studies 27 (2010) 91–138 107 enter multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious contexts, since they present both chal- lenges and opportunities in light of competing truth claims. Alan L. Chan Canaan Chinatown Christian Church/Community Gospel

Iping Liang

of land attachment will shed light on the development of translocal Quemoy communities. The sixth essay, “The Alternative Chinatown: Lewchew (Ryukyu) Kume Village and the 36 Min Families,” makes an interesting case study of the Kume Village in Lewchew. Johnny Chuan-Tiong Lim argues that the Kume


Eliezer Ben-Rafael and Miriam Ben-Rafael

This work studies aspects of the symbolic construction of public spaces by means of linguistic resources (i.e. linguistic landscapes or LLs) in a number of world-cities. The sociology of language leads us to this field and to study the intermingling impacts of globalization, the national principle and multiculturalism – each one conveying its own distinct linguistic markers: international codes, national languages and ethnic vernaculars. Eliezer and Miriam Ben-Rafael study the configurations of these influences, which they conceptualize as multiple globalization, in the LLs of downtowns, residential quarters, and marginal neighborhoods of a number of world-cities. They ask how far worldwide codes of communication gain preeminence, national languages are marginalized and ethnic vernaculars impactful. They conclude by suggesting a paradigm of multiple globalizations.

Beth Lew-Williams

recorded a series of bilingual songs meant to reveal the “organic” ties between black and Chinese folk traditions and, in turn, to challenge western-centric visions of humanity and the humanities. Lin Yutang is the subject of the fourth chapter. So pays particular attention to Lin’s writing of Chinatown

America: A Guangzhou Migrant in the United States). Changchun: Jilin Publishing Group, 2011. Pp. 228. ISBN: 978-7546346502. Jorae, Wendy Rouse. The Children of Chinatown: Growing up Chinese American in San Francisco, 1850-1920 . Sydney: ReadHowYouWant Press, 2012. Pp. 552. ISBN: 978-1458755612. Khoo

Julianne Gavino

historical background of the movement, followed by a section on war and politics and, finally, a section on art and communication. In the next gallery, perspectives of community and place emerged from the viewpoint of ethnic neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, and

Ping Lin (林平)

York.” Chen discusses how the landscape of Flushing, New York was transformed by new Chinese immigrants. Early Chinese immigrants in New York tended to live near the area of Chinatown, with a relatively fixed location and scope of activities. After the amendment of the American Immigration Act in 1965

Stephanie Kaczynski

; references to Chinese culture, such as the fighting green lion dance symbolizing the conflict between the Qing and Ming dynasties; and present-day places and references, such as sounds of urban traffic and the final dance scene, which was filmed in a park in New York’s Chinatown. Additionally, throughout the