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Charles Post

will impact on any given society without an analysis of the changing balance and struggle of class forces … 10 It is our contention that the attempt to make uneven and combined development a trans-historical dynamic is problematic. From our perspective, the attempt to explain the origins of capitalism

Kevin Lu

typological configuration. He emphasizes the need for balance between the conscious attitude and content arising from the unconscious, stating that the psyche acts as a self-regulating system to redress imbalances between the two. ‘Every process’, Jung asserts, ‘that goes too far immediately and inevitably

Richard Shusterman

Le Point : “Richard Shusterman: Philosophe Nomade,” Le Point 1839 (13 December 2007): 88–89. 16 A.C. Graham (trans.), Chuang-tzu (London: George Allen and Unwin, 1981), 92. Compare the “Neiye’s” repeated insistence on somatic disciplines of postural and physical balance and proper breathing

Christine Doran

interaction between consciousness and the unconscious. The problem was really a lack of balance between the two, or an overemphasis on one at the expense of the other. Jung wrote especially about the dangers for modern humankind of an overdevelopment of conscious processes: the danger of getting lost in mere

Seth Vannatta

-term, systematic and particular, rule and standard.” 20 Posner states that there is no precise manner in which to strike a balance between these theoretical poles. Because of this tension Posner falls back on Holmes’s early articulation of the “extras” that compose the reasonable decision. They are the “felt

Russell Pryba

odds with Bartczak’s recovery of Rortian irony as the characteristic feature of literary texts that provide the model for self-formation as a balance between irony and commitment. Thus, although the views of Russon, Bartczak, and Shusterman are all concerned with the relationship between aesthetics and

Mary Magada-Ward

art traditions stand apart as authentic aesthetic accomplishments that flourished without the benefit of European history” (Quoted in Anthes, 79). 2 This need to find a workable balance between influence and autonomy, or accident and plan, can also be discerned in Newman’s abiding concern to

Yvonne Greene

here. The Bull of heaven, the Crab, the Lion, the Balance, the Scorpion, the Goat-fish and the Tails, (Pisces), the Barley-stalk, (Virgo) and the Great Twins are all obviously ancestors of zodiac signs. 9 The word “zodiac” means “circle of animals,” indicating that there could have been a shamanic

Andrew C. McWhirter

principle might bring (counter) balance to that particular set of events is anyone's guess. Water and colour symbolism seem most pertinent to the film. Jung ( 1981 , p. 18) refers to water as ‘the commonest symbol for the unconscious’, so it is no surprise to see it as rain when Neo meets Morpheus for the

Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nişancıoğlu

geopolitical orders are predicated on the changing identities of their constitutive units. Social property relations , mediating the relations between the major classes, primarily define the constitution and identity of these political units . The time-bound balances of social forces find expression in