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Maria Antonia Tigre

steam, and with it, various issues of climate finance. With forests functioning and holding major value as carbon sinks, yet another transect to international forest conservation discussions emerged. In terms of institutional development, the act achieved little. The pts was held by Colombia and

Rafael Leal-Arcas

, 2010. 39)  See for instance Howse, R. & Eliason, A. “Carbon Trading and the CDM in WTO Law,” in Stewart, R., Kingsbury, B. and Rudyk, B. (eds.), Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and Global Development , NYU Press, 2009, pp. 254-258; Freestone, D. and Streck

Romain Felli

at the same time, it also became a major foundation for climate finance and the creation of a global market for carbon. 44 cdm projects are emission-reduction initiatives that may, under regulated conditions, produce additional emission credits, known as ‘certified emissions reductions’. Credits

Teresa Fajardo del Castillo

taken on the involvement of innovative forms of financing", Doc. 7274/09. 18) The Commission made another statement: "As regards paragraph 16 of the Council Conclusions, the Commission would like to draw attention to its proposal for an EU Global Climate Financing Mechanism (GCFM) as mentioned in the


Ulrike Will

.4. and 5.6.5. 102 This proposal is made by Sung (n 44), p. 159. 103 See, for example, C Heuson, W Peters, R Schwarze and A-K Topp, ‘Voluntary International Climate Finance under the Post-Kyoto Framework: The Strategic Consequences of Different Modes of Funding’ (2015) 6(3) Climate Change Economics 1. 104

Jacques Hartmann

)(3). 43)   See Council conclusions on climate finance – fast start finance, 3198th Economic and Financial Affairs Council meeting Brussels (13 November 2013), para. 10. 44)  Directive 2008/101/EC, Article 2 and 3(c)(1). 45)  Subject to Directive 2008/101/EC, Article 3(f). 46

Benedict Kingsbury and Lorenzo Casini

. (eds.), El Nuevo Derecho Administrative Global en América Latina (Ediciones Rap, Buenos Aires, 2009); H. Corder (ed.), Global Administrative Law: Development and Innovation (Juta, Cape Town, 2009); R.B. Stewart et al . (eds.), Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and

Maria Adele Carrai

Right,’ in Richard B. Stewart, Benedict Kingsbury, Bryce Rudyk (eds), Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and Global Development ( NYU Press 2009), 197–205. 103 ‘Environmental and Social Framework’ ( Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank , February 2016) < https

Mostafa Mahmud Naser

climate-induced displacement a distinct category of migrants under international law so that international climate finance can be used directly for their benefit. The second part examines the global responsibility towards climate-induced displacement in Bangladesh. It reviews current protection


Maria Antonia Tigre

mobilizing $100 billion a year by 2020 in climate financing for developing countries. 329 Goal 13 will be reviewed at the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in 2019. 330 Goal 15, “Life On Land”, focuses on managing forests sustainably, restoring degraded lands and successfully combating