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Natalie Klein

introduction to key ideas and sets the scene for the following discussion in problematizing excessive maritime claims against the traditional ‘liberal order’. Chapter 2 sets out the historical trajectory of the law of the sea, with an emphasis on naval power, from ancient Greece to the 1970s when negotiations

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David Shaw

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David Shaw

the Northern Mariana Islands' rights under United States and international law to control its exclusive economic zone. University of Hawaii Law Review, Fall 1991, v. 13, pp. 477-504. (b) Delimitation Roach, J.A. Excessive maritime claims. American Society of International Law Proceedings, 1990, v. 84

David L. Langenberg

Compensation Payments: Subrogation Lien or Third Party Credit?", Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce, 1999, Vol. 30, No.1, pp. 19-34 Nosek, P.C. "Unifying Maritime Claims against the United States: A Proposal to Repeal the Suits in Admiralty Act and the Public Vessels Act", Journal of Maritime Law and

David Shaw

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David L. Langenberg

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Clive R. Symmons

broadest sense, it is now clear that the phrase can include any historic maritime claim. This point was strongly made by the arbitral Tribunal in Philippines v China , 5 where it stated that “[h]istoric rights may include sovereignty, but may equally include more limited rights , such as fishing

nationally, in strengthening their antipollution capabilities, especially in the event of emergencies. The Mediterranean is a major route for tanker traffic and because it is almost totally enclosed by land it is particularly vulnerable to pollution.9 9 Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims On 1

Anastasia Telesetsky

past thirty-five years, to preserve the rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea and airspace around the world. The key policy principles of the u.s. fon Program are to respect maritime claims of coastal States that are consistent with unclos , but to not acquiesce in maritime claims that are