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Dennis Costa

Edited by Carol A. Fischer

seabirds and seagoing mammals, the paving over of vast, water-absorbent flood plains. Deployed against such shocks are nanofilters for seawater, the renewal of saltmarshes and alluvial plains, carbon sequestration that works to cool the planet and a stratospheric shield of sulfur to shade it, fully

Renata Platenberg and Gad Perry

introduced to uninhabited islands, many of which support breeding seabird colonies. Interviews conducted on St. Thomas suggest that locals view these introduced animals with favor and even pride. Common in the pet trade, the corn snake is also a frequent invader in the Caribbean (Perry et al., 2007). A young

Catch of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries, and to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing, 124 Reaffirming that the FAO Council during its One Hundred and Twentieth Session recommended that ecosystem-based fisheries management studies to be conducted by FAO as agreed

D.W. Kulka and S. Corey

on seabird distribution and records of surface swarming of the euphausiids Meganyctiphanes sp. and Thysanoessa sp. Report to the Environmental Impact Comm. Fish. Res. Board Biol. Stn., St. Andrews. HUMASON, G. L., 1967. Animal tissue techniques. (San Francisco, W. H. Freeman and Co.). JONES, L. T


Edited by Aldo Chircop, Scott Coffen-Smout and Moira L. McConnell

Devoted to assessing the state of ocean and coastal governance, knowledge, and management, the Ocean Yearbook provides information in one convenient resource.

As in previous editions, articles provide multidisciplinary expert perspectives on contemporary issues. Each new volume draws on policy studies, international relations, international and comparative law, management, marine sciences, economics, and social sciences. Each volume contains key recent legal and policy instruments.

The Yearbook is a collaborative initiative of the International Ocean Institute ( in Malta and the Marine & Environmental Law Institute ( at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

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Carmen M. Cusack

requested fish and a threatened gopher tortoise. Interagency collaboration is a link between fish, reptiles, seabirds, marine and coastal mammals, and amphibians throughout the country. For example, tortoises and their eggs may be traded between New York, Louisiana, and China. “Gopher tortoises are


Carmen M. Cusack

Rescuers Aquatic animals, such as arowana and dolphins, have served as first responders and companions for humans (Glover & Landau, 2012 ; IOL , 2000 ; Voigt, 2016 ). Cuban balseros (i.e., “rafters”), such as Elián González, have repeatedly documented heroism of marine mammals, seabirds, fish

Christine LeBlanc

for the MSC logo. Impact of Hoki Fishery on Benthic and Pelagic Environments, Seals, and Seabirds Benthic and pelagic mid-water trawls are used in the hoki fishery. The im- pact of bottom trawling on the benthic biodiversity is unknown.'S9 This is further exacerbated by the fact that knowledge of

A.P. Møller, L. Atkin and T.R. Birkhead

). This was primarily due to many single-egg clutch species (mainly seabirds) having high copulation rates (see below). The lack of positive association between clutch size and copulation fre- quency also supports the idea that sperm storage is well developed in birds (LAKE, 1975). Indeed, selection may

Patricia W. Birnie

Group is studying these problems, as is ICES; they cannot be re- solved without collaboration at the international level. At least the epidemic has provided an opportunity to monitor the whole North Sea harbor seal population. Birds and Seabirds54 Many species of birds feed in estuaries around the North