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Matthew J. Lynch

advice along with sending the šārtum u sissiktum , the subject matter of the oracle would hardly warrant legal prosecution of the prophet. For example, in A. 1968 the prophet urges the king to maintain justice and only go to war after consulting oracles. He does so in connection with giving the šārtum

Y. Heffron

of Hatti they give d GAL.ZU to all And they pour it into earthenware cups and they drink it up 32 Now, Güterbock has highlighted a significant point regarding this particular reference, noting that the enclitic -at can refer only to d GAL.ZU. 33 Therefore d GAL.ZU must be the subject both


Jacqueline E. Lapsley

who advocate an end to torture would surely agree that it is not okay to torture animals, either. Yet animals in our sanctioned industrial systems of food production are routinely legally subjected to treatment that mirrors the practices of torture. The solution to this problem is not to deny the

Tzemah Yoreh

Rundig] has been subject to over a dozen identified redactions, as well as innumerable glosses and additions” (p. 32). This reductio ad absurdum is meant to cast grave doubts on the validity of the redaction-criticism method, though perhaps further engaging more mainstream advocates of this methodology

Brian Brown

studies), and some were also sculpted with various subjects, such as battle and hunting narratives, tribute and court processions, and presumably religious/cultic scenes. In the East Suite, every room contained orthostats: Rooms G, H, I, L, and N had decorated and inscribed reliefs, while Rooms J, K, M, O

Gary Beckman

paragraph will not have been “taken,” as were those in the initial portion, but as nominatives will have been the subject of a verb such as ki -, ‘be placed’. §19’: The restoration at the beginning of B iv 5 is somewhat uncertain. An uncomplemented LÚ would be unexpected, so the sign at the break must be

John Z. Wee

seven-deity group, few in-depth studies have been devoted to the subject. 3 In an early article on the topic, C.-F. Jean discerned three separate textual traditions concerning this group: “1. d VII-bi are the Pleiades; 2. d VII-bi are the children of d Enmešarra; 3. d VII-bi are seven sages

Peter James and Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs

the subject is now available and the c. 2200 bc horizon, characterised by a mid/low-latitude aridification event, has recently been suggested as a new chronostratigraphic marker within the Holocene, separating the Middle from the Late Holocene: “The 4.2 event appears to have been one of the most

Joseph Azize

figures who wrest- le with each other. This prompts the question: how far developed was wrestling in ancient Mesopotamia? Wrestling in Ancient Mesopotamia Wrestling, one could say, is a grappling contest subject to rules, where the contestants attempt to throw or subdue one another by applying holds and

Noga Ayali-Darshan

millennium bce . The discovery of the first column (pBN 202) in the La Bibliothèque nationale de France in 2000 by P. Collombert and L. Coulon demonstrates that it is dedicated to Amenhotep ii . 30 Although only the beginning of the composition has been preserved, line 1.2 indicates the subject with it