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Jennifer L. Koosed

community with about 10,000 members inhabiting insular compounds primarily in Utah, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. Beginning in 2005, Jeffs was subject to a number of sexual assault charges in Arizona, Utah, and Texas, including accomplice to rape for forcing a 14-year-old girl into marriage with her older

Masculinity and the Bible

Survey, Models, and Perspectives

Peter-Ben Smit

. Thus studies of masculinities need not be confined to biological males’ (Kimmel and Bridges 2016 ). In other words, masculinity and the meanings attributed to such masculinity is an intersectionally constructed phenomenon, and the diverse factors in their construction are the subject of scholarly

Harvey E. Goldberg

Bible studies and anthropology might take place. Given the range of possibilities, this essay approaches the theme of anthropology and Bible studies in an eclectic fashion. Borrowing a metaphor from Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Tristes Tropiques (1964), it treats the subject as would a “slash and burn

Steed Vernyl Davidson

passages such as Phil. 2:9–11 and 3:20–21. Primarily because of the broader view Marchal takes of empire and its multiple tentacles that sustain its rule, he shows how these verses “collude with a comprehensive order of subjection (every knee bowing, every tongue confessing, all things subject” (Marchal


Johan de Joode

simply twines itself about them and makes itself more firmly rooted. Dislodgement of this plant seems impossible.” 22 The place of the plant is also the subject of 8:18, which explains how the plant is ‘swallowed up’ from its place. This is a displacement image: the plant is torn from its place, it is

The Play of Signifiers

Poststructuralism and Study of the Bible

George Aichele

already itself a plurality of other texts, of codes which are infinite or, more precisely, lost (whose origin is lost)” (Barthes 1974 : 10). Similarly, “the work of ideology is also to construct coherent subjects” (Judith Newton and Deborah Rosenfelt, quoted by Pippin in Jobling and Pippin 1992 : 204

Stephen C. Russell

, 1958); Tuan 1977 ; 1991 ; 2007 ; Basso 1996 ; Cresswell 2004 . Bachelard writes, “Space that has been seized upon by the imagination cannot remain indifferent space subject to the measures and estimates of the surveyor. It has been lived in, not in its positivity, but with all the partiality of

Ian D. Wilson

that exemplify current biblical studies of this subject, and paying special attention to how these works relate to the aforementioned trends in historical inquiry. For David and his dynasty, there are trace amounts of extra-biblical evidence that can supplement one’s discussion of Israel’s early


Johan de Joode

container can be contained as well. These two conceptual metaphors are the subject of the two following paragraphs. 4.2 The Boundaries of the Body Renan already contended with regard to 16:9–14 that “Job’s troubled mind confuses God and his enemies in a series of images, proceeding in a disjointed style

The Sense of Quoting

A Semiotic Case Study of Biblical Quotations

David W. Odell-Scott

semiotic theory as to the site or cause of such cohesive articulating coherence to be found in the event or object or artifact or system under consideration. The semiotic approaches generally regard simple resolutions that the source of such features was borne of the subject doing the inquiry, the object