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D. E. Bynum

n d clear, l e t i t fly, a n d enjoy t h e spectacle. D. E. B y n u m C l e v e l a n d S t a t e U n i v e r s i t y Yu. S h c h e g l o v a n d A. Z h o l k o v s k y . P o e t i c s o f E x p r e s s i v e n e s s : A Theory a n d A p p l i c a t i o n . A m s t e r d a m : J o h n B e n j a m i


mentioned above are sharply contrasting lyrical flights which are apt to recur under specific circumstances- when Lermontov wants to convey the impact o f a spectacle upon the viewer or to dramatize its historical role (for example, St. Basil's Church). In such cases, the object in question recedes and the


sexual stirrings, it is pre- cisely this overt eroticism which fills him with horror and indignation, the external signs o f which are a guarantee o f their continuation. For to "enjoy" the spectacle o f the boy's suffering is, we are told, the sole reason for the Cruel Blonde's attentions. On one


investi- gations by people like Rozental' and Aleksei Fedorov-Davydov24 were both symptoms o f this new, official demand and the instruments o f its implemen- tation: the cultural ritual, based on such a rationale, could be controlled; the performance could now become a well-rehearsed spectacle in which


toute sa fureur. Les fusillades, les pendaisons, les condamnations en Sibérie et en Caucase, les bastonnades, les emprisonnements, les confiscations, en un mot tout l'attirail de la répression Czarienne s'acharnait à déci- mer cette malheureuse nation. A fa vue de ce lugubre spectacle où des flots de


and the lust for revenge to witness the beating to death o f a dangerous criminal. Such executions were also a public spectacle, like the hanging o f thieves in eighteenth-century England. The other possible outcome o f a military trial was a death sentence. In both civilian and military law the death

David Becker

, CT : Yale Univ. Press, 1959), p. 271. And in the “alluring, boundless distance” (Orwin points out that Tolstoy uses similar language when Natasha Rostova gazes at the night sky in Otradnoe, p. 137) they merge together. As Steiner puts it “ … the expanding spectacle of forests and fields and

Tanya Richardson

mobilizing a private army to defend his majority control over Naftogaz Ukraine and a more sustained effort by the President and allies to curtail his power. Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was appointed as head of Odessa oblast on May 30, 2015 with great fanfare and media spectacle. His goal


a m a , Festival, Spectacle. R e h e a r s a l s T o w a r d s A Theory o f C u l t u r a l P e r f o r m a n c e ( P h i l a d e l p h i a : ISHI, 1984), p. 1. 8. V i c t o r T u r n e r , D r a m a , F i e l d s a n d M e t a p h o r s ( I t h a c a , NY: C o r n e l l U n i v . Press, 1975), p


's sources were multiple, and he was undoubtedly more immediately influenced by popular spectacle . than by literature, but his whole approach to the theme of Russia, Revolution, and Religion was steeped in Dostoevskii-as his father's had been before him- and most particularly in those intuitions and