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Cyril Obi

bombings against western embassies and tar- gets in East Africa. Also, there was the consideration that environmen- tal crises and diseases such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic should be prevented from migrating from Africa to other parts of the world. The awareness that threats from Africa could threaten the

Kweku Ampiah

reference points in Japan’s diplomacy towards Southern Africa and East Africa, respectively. The economic implications of this diplomatic formula is that all three countries, obviously because of their relative economic strengths in their respective sub-regions, would attract more investment than the other

Ababu Minda Yimene

; Lovejoy 1983: 1, 20). Since prehistoric times, the war captives of the continent’s existing inter-group confl icts were enslaved, and were either retained to work for their masters or sold to other parts of the world including India. Th e earliest information concerning the slave trade on the East African

Nkwachukwu Orji

Mwai Kibaki winner amidst charges of vote rigging. The main opposition candidate Raila Odinga rejected the official N. Orji / African and Asian Studies 9 (2010) 436-461 437 outcome of the election and called on his supporters to hold protest rallies (East Africa Standard [Nairobi], 30 December 2007

Godfrey Uzoigwe

of Africa, remorse and apologise to the descendants of enslaved Africans wherever they may be for African participation, to whatever degree, in the Saharan, East African, and trans-Atlantic slave trade. Keywords Pan-Africanism, diaspora; organization of the African Unity; African Union 1 Th e issues

Jonathan Holslag

Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands Beatrice N icolini [Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy] The Makran-Baluch-African network in Zanzibar and East-Africa during the XIX century Ivan Vanderbiesen [Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium] Acculturation in the Indian Ocean Region: Some

Mary Johnson Osirim, Josephine Beoku-Betts and Akosua Adomako Ampofo

Africa (GLASS) provide anthologies of same-sex encounters that testify to a wide range and complex arena of sexual relations. In the West and East Africa regions the economy and eff ects of neo-liberal eco- nomic reforms as well as women’s representation in government and civil society remain strong

Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya

increase in price of slaves from 150 to 200 Rix Dollars must reflect either an increase in demand or a shortage of supply. The price of slaves is given in rupees and pounds sterling in other sources. It is not possible to equate these amounts because exchange rates fluctuate over time. East African slaves

Jean-Paul Gagnon

rather is one of “cultural distinctiveness” in the face of globalization. Although Igoe ( 2006 ) is incorrect to describe indigenous East Africans in this manner, specifically for the fact that pre-colonial traditions are a boon to indigenous African claims, and that he is in effect trying to describe

Mary Johnson Osirim

). Th e largest number of African-born populations in the US comes from West Africa, constituting about 36% of this population in 2000, followed by East Africans with 24%, and North Africa with 22% of the African-born population ( Among the most signifi cant 7 Th us, many