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Simone Bach

Birds Direc- tive //EEC and the Habitat Directive //EEC, according to which, water usage is subject to the conditions of a prior compatibility test. The newer water law, as the WFD expresses as well, is also focused on ecological water pro- tection. The aim is to achieve the quality standards

Jan Ceyssens

Habitats Directive'. A reduction in the Ebro's water flow would threaten to reduce the flow of river sedi- ment, which could lead to a regression of the coast line in the delta and a reduction of its height above sea level. As a consequence, there would be the risk of sea water entering the delta which

.12.2012................................................157 2. Environmental Impact Assessment, Access to Information and Justice ................................................160 Obigation to Make Plan Subject to EIA Depends on the Preconditions Requiring an Assessment under Habitats Directive Being Met Judgment of the Court (Eighth Chamber) in C-177

Andrew Farmer, Marianne Kettunen and Patrick ten Brink

wider definition of 'installation' or have a broader coverage of permits. - Habitats Directive9: The Member States must propose a list of nature sites, and they have some ability freely to select the sites on the list (although the European Commission may seek to include further sites). As the choice of

Emily Peters

Directive") and in- cludes marine areas. See Habitats Regulations, regulations 2, 3 and 1 0. 24 Habitats Directive, article 6 and Habitats Regulations, regu- lation 48. 399 public interest (including social or economic rea- sons), the Member State must take compensatory measures. The scope of public

Christoph Sobotta

possible that the Court arrives at solutions that are more consistent than approaches by more “realist” courts. This is highlighted by two issues, firstly the definition of waste and secondly the system of site protection under the Habitats directive. 5.2.1. On the Definition of Waste The jurisprudence

Philippe Sands and Caroline Blatch

control pollution of the marine environment from land-based sources, including ... estuaries."). 3 Declaration9 and in the 1995 Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities.10 The term also figures in EC law, including the 1992 Habitats Directive

Luigi Corsetti

salamander, Salamandrina -terdigitata (Lacépéde, 1788), is endemic to Italy, protected by the Latium administrative region (regional law no. 18, dated April 78 5, 1988) and enclosed in the European 92/43/EEC Habitat Directive. No research on this species has been carefully carried out in southern Latium

Joana Veríssimo, Joana Veríssimo, Paulo Pereira, Joana Veríssimo, Paulo Pereira, Susana Lopes, Joana Veríssimo, Paulo Pereira, Susana Lopes, José Teixeira, Joana Veríssimo, Paulo Pereira, Susana Lopes, José Teixeira, Uwe Fritz, Joana Veríssimo, Paulo Pereira, Susana Lopes, José Teixeira, Uwe Fritz and Guillermo Velo-Antón

IUCN and is listed in Appendix II of the Berne Convention and in Appendix II and IV of Habitat Directive (92/43/CEE) (Cox and Temple, 2009 ). A phylogeographic study of M. leprosa identified two major mitochondrial lineages (Fritz et al., 2006 ) classified in two subspecies: M. l. saharica

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. The facts The Commission was obliged to establish lists of sites of Community impor- tance for each biogeographical area, according to Article (.) of Directive /, the Habitats Directive. 11 The Commission had to base itself on propos- als of the Member States to have sites included in the