Imre Bina (Words of Understanding, Isaac Farḥi), Judeo-Spanish LiteratureImre No‘am (Pleasant Words, Isaiah ben Mordechai Dayan), Dayan FamilyImre No‘am (Pleasant Words, Jacob Duwayk-haKohen), Duwayk (Dweck, Dwek, Duek, Douek, Doweck, Dowek) FamilyImre Qohelet (Ezra Dangoor), Dangoor, Ezra Sasson

Alessandro Maria Bruni

Part of 13–17 Five Scrolls - 13–17.2 Secondary Translations The Old Church Slavonic (ocs) versions of the books of Ruth, Canticles, Qohelet, Lamentations, and Esther survive in East and South Slavic codices dating from no earlier than the fourteenth century.Mathiesen, “Handlist,” 3–35. This corpus

Armin Lange

, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Minor Prophets), and Writings (Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ruth, Canticles, Qohelet, Lamentations, Esther, Daniel, Ezra–Nehemiah, 1–2 Chronicles). Its contents and structure dev...

Meinhold, Arndt

[German Version] The book of Proverbs, a primary wisdom text (Wisdom literature: II), and the books of Job and Qohelet, the two so-called secondary wisdom texts of the Bible, belong to the third division of the Hebrew canon, the Writings. It often follows Psalms and Job (b. B. Bat. 14b; cf. EJ IV

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Zephaniah Hag Haggai Zech Zechariah Mal Malachi Ps(s) Psalm(s) Prov Proverbs Job Job Song Song of Songs Ruth Ruth Lam Lamentations Qoh Ecclesiastes (or Qohelet) Esth Esther Dan Daniel Ezra Ezra Neh Nehemi...

Spiekermann, Hermann

[German Version] I. Job and the Crisis of Wisdom – II. The Job Novella – III. Job's Dialogue with His Friends – IV. God's Response With Qohelet , Job bears literary witness to the crisis of wisdom thought in the Old Testament. According to the wisdom tradition, God formed the world embodying a good

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) and – detached from any historical context – forms part of the five liturgical scrolls or Megilloth (Ruth, Canticles, Qohelet, Lamentations, and Esther). In the Greek Bible, this historical novella is i...

Lehnardt, Andreas

[German Version] (Heb. for “scrolls”). The plural Megillot is an artificial designation for the five books Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Qohelet, and Esther, which belong to the third part of the Old Testament (Ketuvim, Writings; Old Testament, Bible: II, 2), but which did not yet form a unit

Alessandro Maria Bruni

Part of 13–17 Five Scrolls - 13–17.2 Secondary Translations The Old Georgian translations of Ruth, Canticles, Qohelet, Lamentations, and Esther have come down to us in manuscripts dating from the late tenth up to the seventeenth centuries ( In the textual history of the corpus, three major

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Part of 13–17 Five Scrolls - 13–17.1 Primary Translations - 13–17.1.4 Peshitta Very few Syriac biblical manuscripts include the text of Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth). The manuscript on which the Leiden Qoheleth edition is based,D.J. Lane (ed.), Qohelet (The Old Testament in Syriac According to the