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Ahmad Alsamdan

the author of the original literary work, or the music composer, the authors of the scenario, the adaptation of the literary work, the dialogue, and the director, concurrently, shall have the right to display the cinematographic work, or the work created for radio and television broadcasting. In

Mohammad Hashim Kamali

Islamic University Quarterly (London) Vol. 2, no. 1 (1995), 10-37; Idem, “Fiqh and Adaptation to Social Reality,” The Muslim World , 86 (1996), 62-85; “Methodological Issues in Islamic Jurisprudence,” ALQ 11 (1996) 62-85; and “Issues in the Legal Theory of Usul and Prospects for Reform,” Islamic Studies

Renat Bekkin

Adaptation of the Doctrines of al-Diyah and al-Daman, a Reappraisal”, Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance 17, no. 1 (2000): 25-52; and M. A. Az-Zarka, Sistema strakhovaniya: Yeye sushchnost i vzglyad shariata na neye [System of Insurance: Its Nature and the Shariah Perspective] (Kazan: Iman, 1999). A

Fayez Al-Kandari

’intérêt légitime du prélèvement. 58 La législature koweïtienne est invité à suivre la stratégie du droit français en interdisant la publicité en matière des dons d’éléments du corps humain d’un part, et en imposant l’anonymat des dons. L’adaptation d’une telle stratégie est réellement nécessaire dans la mesure où

Corinna Mullin and Brahim Rouabah

, and came to signify a “way of managing global modernity.” 20 Such mutations and adaptations over time are by no means unique to the discourse of Tunisianité . In describing the emergence of sectarianism as a salient political discourse, or “ ta’ifa as nation”, during the early part of

Filippo Dionigi

the past. Yet, notwithstanding these changed conditions, Armenian political representation has survived until the time of writing, constituting an exceptional case of political adaptation compared to other refugee populations of Lebanon. Social and economic integration has also been successful

Sebastiaan Pompe

(Borneo), South Sulawesi (Celebes) and onwards towards the east. This peaceful introduction of Islam means that rather than overwhelming and dis- placing, it settled in by a complex process of accommodation and adaptation. This may have been an important factor in creating a mellow form of religious

Hyam Mallat

members. Apart from the governor, four appointees represent the state, three the employers and the remaining three of the employees. The social insurance scheme is administered by a mixture of centralization and decentralization. Policy development, including adaptation of regulations, rules and

Afif Gaigi

meilleure adaptation aux exi- gences d'une societe en constante evolution et surtout pour poursuivre I'oeuvre d'6mancipation de la femme. Celle-ci dispose actuellement de droits raisonnablement protecteurs mais qui doivent etre confirm6s dans de nouvelles r6formes legislatives et dans la jurisprudence. On

Tuaregs and Citizenship

The Last Camp of Nomadism

Delphine Perrin

state and dissociates itself from any differentialist claims. More than fifty years of inclusion in the state have led to the adaptation and diversification of Tuaregs’ collective and individual ways of relating to the state. Citizenship has increasingly been practiced through a fragmentation of both