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Chanan Gafni

characteristic traits or study methodologies of different Amoraim, nineteenth-century scholars took special notice of certain phrases that were repeatedly stated by those Amoraim, assuming that they must reveal a central aspect of their teaching, without addressing the fact that such repetitions might be the

Eve Krakowski

from championing the messianic destiny of his community, Ibn Da h ud ends his historical narrative by mourn- ing the decimation of Spanish Jewry, pinning his hopes for the future primarily on the fl ourishing Jewish communities of northern France. 11 Attention to the aims and methodology that

Knut Martin Stünkel

science in the field of research and its methodology of research. It is all about the translation of traditional Jewish scholarship into the form of science under the guidance of political probation of the Jews as citizens of a state. As it is generally known, this idea has been explicated by Immanuel

Andreas Brämer

, psychology, methodology and pedagogy were taught over the course of one single semester. The curriculum avoided detailed descriptions of the educational content, but rather included specifications concerning the work-load to be mastered for the general and the religious subjects. Curriculum at the Jewish

Moshe Lavee

subject, as it is based on new methodological considerations. 9 I will apply a combined methodol- ogy, incorporating two common practices in contemporary talmudic research: (1) synoptic comparison of parallels, aimed at identifying the unique BT version of tannaitic and early amoraic materials; (2

Andreas Lehnardt

contextualization of the phenomenon of Aggadah touches upon a central question about the significance and validity of the Oral Torah. Krochmal was compelled to address this matter through his methodology of the historical analysis which was founded on his unique conception of the philosophy of history. 34 What was

Lars Fischer

’t hold it against me if, as a desperate non-Marxist, I presume to see that, given the methodology you have appropriated, your analysis too – I often remarked this to Benjamin, where this was extremely palpable – ultimately fails to bring home your anarchist élan and your anarchist tendency, on which many

Jonathan Price

1' Johanan son of Joseph son of Shlamzion How to interpret this phenomenon? The purpose of this note is to offer some basic methodological guidelines. I There is no information about the provenance of these two ossuaries, or even whether they were found together; but the identical hand of the

Eleazar Gutwirth

Español where his work stood alongside that of highly influential articles in the history of medieval institutions. Baer’s choice of responsa as a subject was pregnant with a methodological meaning which becomes clear only after surveying the type of work carried out in those circles. A common mistake of

Avraham Siluk and Rebekka Voß

Religious Renewal and Reform: Preliminary Methodological Remarks Viewed as a case study, Wetzlar and his Libes briv affirm that comparative analyses of religious renewal represent a vital, yet largely unrecognized, area of research on cultural transformation. The presence of concomitant aspirations for