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Vassilis Saroglou and François Mathijsen

de Louvain Abstract In the present study, we examined how the religiousness of European (Belgian) Muslim immigrants is related to multiple collective identities (origin, new country, European, and cosmopolitan), attachment to one (origin or new) or both cultures, and acculturation as a process

Kerstin Radde-Antweiler

Introduction The Roman Catholic Church has always been present in news media worldwide, especially in times of scandals or during the days of the conclave. However, in 2013 the papal election attracted special attention from the media because of the resignation of Benedict xvi . Heated discussions

Mandy Robbins, Leslie J Francis and Christine E. Brewster

clergywomen prior to the ordination of the first women to the priesthood in 1994, drawing on Eysenck’s three-dimensional model of personality. They found that the person- ality profiles of clergymen and clergywomen were indistinguishable. The present paper reports a comparable study conducted in 2004 among 182

Crystal Park

), and importance of religion (e.g., Koenig et al., 1998) were related to growth. However, few studies have included multiple dimensions of religion to compare their relative relations with growth. A variety of religious dimensions were included in the present series of studies: intrinsic and extrinsic

Antonio Muñoz-García

factors affect environmental behaviour and concern, the models proposed for studying them, although appropriate, have been simple (Gifford & Nilsson, 2014 ). In this context, we propose the present study, with the double purpose of (1) checking whether the relationships observed in American samples

Marco Tommasi, Aristide Saggino and Leonardo Carlucci

31, 66100 Chieti, Italy Received: 16 September 2010; revised: 6 April 2011; accepted: 11 April 2011 Summary In the present article, we investigated the relation between socio-demographic variables and personality factors with religious fundamentalism (RF). Our data were collected from a sample of 125

Jobi Thomas Thurackal, Jozef Corveleyn and Jessie Dezutter

-relations view of relational maturity. Three levels of maturity are distinguished: Instability, Grandiosity, and Realistic Acceptance. Instability is characterized by difficulties in trusting and loving God. At the Grandiosity level, the individual present him or herself as better than others and seeks God

Religious Schema within a Muslim Ideological Surround

Religious and Psychological Adjustment in Iran

Nima Ghorbani, P. J. Watson, Mahmood Amirbeigi and Zhuo Job Chen

Teachings will correlate positively rather than negatively with Xenosophia. Present Project The present project used the ism to clarify the Religious Schema Scales in Iran. Analysis focused not only on Iranian university students, but also on Islamic seminarians who presumably would display

Towards a Theory of Spiritual and Religious Experiences

A Building Block Approach of the Unexpected Possible

Chris A. M. Hermans

-block approach for building theory on religious experiences—notably Ann Taves ( 2009 ) and Wesley J. Wildman ( 2011 ). In their approach, they present distinctive markers of different types of experiences, and, at the same time, suggest a structure for what binds religious experiences together. I will take the

Michael Donahue

psy- chology continues to ignore this important construct. This article begins with the current spate of interest in religion in virtually the entire fi eld of psychology, and then goes on to present a cursory history of the recent psychology of religion. Attention then turns to the most recent (4th