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Victor Counted

latest empirical staple for attachment theorists’ diet as we consider the subject of youth faith formation as a care-giving process. A care-giving faith is therefore a pattern of youth attachment behaviour towards God in which the youth emphasises the importance of giving care and emotional support in


Vivian Louie

). These students had a stronger sense of being without parental supports in school ( Louie 2012 ), which they attributed to immigrant parents’ intensive work schedules in the ethnic economy, language barriers, and a generational disconnect that made communication on complex subjects difficult ( Louie


Erdmute Alber

provides an important clue to the reason for this shame: acknowledging one’s own children means breaching the norm of deference towards one’s own parents. And finally, the passage shows how powerful this shame is. Shame is the subject of the sentence Sekura ta koo nun kowa (and of the experience), not

Do ‘Global Generations’ Exist?

From Mannheim to Beck and Beyond

Christopher Thorpe and David Inglis

analysis of social generations stretches back at least to Karl Mannheim’s (1952 [1927/8]) pioneering statements in the 1920s. The Mannhemian tradition now needs to be subjected to profound ‘cosmopolitan’ refurbishment, so that it may better understand cross-border, trans-national, ‘cosmopolitan’ phenomena

Bjørn Schiermer and Ben Gook

dichotomous. Following C Wright Mills’ credo – ‘personal troubles’ are in reality ‘public issues’ – we are dealing with strangely monadic ‘subcultural subjects’ having inner quarrels, individual experiences, biographies, personal ‘troubles.’ These troubles must then be made understandable – not least to

Victor Roudometof

field. 3 Cosmopolitanization or Glocalization? The cosmopolitan has become the zeitgeist of 21 st century intellectual activity—and it subjects intellectual endeavors to an almost irresistible attraction. It is not possible to even attempt to standardize or fix the meaning of the word. The 2 nd

Massimo Pendenza and Dario Verderame

debt crisis in the euro-zone in 2010, and the current refugee crisis have taken their toll on the European project – which was subject to a ‘constraining dissensus’ ( Hooghe & Marks, 2009 ) even before 2008 – and have caused further divisions and conflict among and within the Member States, as well as

Virginie Silhouette-Dercourt, Ousseynou Saidou Sy and Dominique Desjeux

the feminist subject . Princeton : Princeton University Press . Mahmoud S. ( 2001 ). Rehearsed spontaneity and the conventionality of ritual: Disciplines of Salat . American Ethnologist , 28 (4), pp. 827 – 853 . Mancini S. ( 2012 ). Patriarchy as the exclusive

Motti Regev

by empirical examples, drawn from the slowly accumulating ample body of research on the subject. Serving as illustrations to the general arguments, the examples have been selected to cover various parts and regions of the world, and a range of genres and styles of pop-rock music (for expanded

Pam Nilan

, ‘the broader sustainability perspective addressing social, economic and political dimensions is largely lacking’ (Goldman et al., 2014: 3) and Indonesia is no exception. As Lyn Parker (2017: 1) points out, in Indonesia, ‘any education that includes subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology must