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M.W. Von Grünau, Panagopoulos and Galera

larger than the vertical extent. In the present situation with cueing with a narrow vertical or horizontal shape, the given asymmetry of the attentional window might interact with the oriented cues and affect the effect of cue validity. In order to have enough trials for each condition, we averaged over

Angelika Wosegien and Jürg Lamprecht

(Gasterosteus aculeatus). Head-up and head-down postures elicited fewer attacks than the normal horizontal posture. Good evidence for the appeasing effect of "appeasement behaviours" is apparently still rare, especially for animals which form long-term associations. In doves and pigeons aggressive interactions

Sue Anne Zollinger and Henrik Brumm

Review The evolution of the Lombard effect: 100 years of psychoacoustic research Henrik Brumm 1) & Sue Anne Zollinger (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Communication and Social Behaviour Group, Eberhard-Gwinner-Strasse, 82319 Seewiesen, Germany) (Accepted: 1 October 2011) Summary On the

:// Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade). Note: The Registry is created as a state agency. Decreto 1,318 of 7 Oct 1959 (horizontal property) in El Guatemalteco10 Oct 1959. Ley de expropriación. Decreto 529 of 25 Jul 1948. Full current text on the website of the Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos

Ben J.A. Kröse and Christina A. Burbeck

and Haber (1974), using a same/different task with small characters on the horizontal axis. In our experiment the task was identification (not a same/different discrimination) and our elements were twice the size of those used by Lefton and Haber, so we decided to study the effect of eccentricity on

Pablo Castillo

, including mitochondrial genomes, horizontal gene transfer, and population genetics and metagenetics. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 give an updated review of several biological aspects of cyst nematodes, such as biology of hatching, diapause, sex pheromones, peptide signals, sources of effectors and biochemistry of

Vebjørn Ekroll and Franz Faul

surround (dashed horizontal line). We have previously reported observations suggesting that such a ‘missing colour phenomenon’ indeed occurs when uniform surrounds are used (Ekroll et al. , 2004). The demonstration in Fig. 6 gives an impression of the effect. Each row displays the same physical scale of

Janos Szatmary, Itzhak Hadani and Bela Julesz

- flection of the dots. The modulation of the dot position allowed the subject to observe horizontal monocular depth corrugations of the pattern in the fronto-parallel plane. Later replications of the system required, in general, costly hardware, or shop work. For example, a special graphics board to

Piet J. Drent, Monica E.M. Verbeek and Anne Boon

in the horizontal posture, ex- pressed in percentage of the two minutes during which the behaviour was recorded. In this posture the legs are deeply bent and the body, head and beak form one horizontal line. The eyes are fixed on the opponent, the neck may be stretched towards the opponent, and the

Árni Kristjánsson

chance level (the test pattern is perceived as be- ing oriented towards the adapting orientation — an attractive effect). According to the results, if the adaptor is, for example, oriented clockwise by 5 arc deg, a vertical test will be judged to be counterclockwise 65–77% of the time, while a horizontal