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Daan Huisinga

interim, cross-party Government of National Reconciliation to prepare for new parliamentary elections. The OSCE was requested to assist in working towards these elections, and decided on 27 March to establish a Presence in Albania in order to pursue this. This was followed, on 28 March, by the UN Security

Alexander Lupis

implement its mandate since it has largely been ' [p]eace as a continuation of war by other means ... dominating over peace as a genuine reconciliation ...'4 Like in Bosnia, the Albanian and Serb political representatives in Kosovo became so polarized that.a political settlement for Kosovo was accepted only

Theo van Boven

; restitution claims in connection with land issues in South Africa and, more generally, experiences with the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. While these experiences were positively appreciated, it was felt that no uniform models for truth commissions commend themselves. Different contexts

Gianluca Rampolla

-conflict reconciliation. 5 A convincing body of work has demonstrated, for example, that nations are more likely to co-operate than to fight over the management of international river basins. 6 Located between the Caspian and the Black Seas, and surrounded by economically, politically and culturally influential

OSCE missions, were: . - the need for transparency, good governance and strong institutions to combat corruption; - economic reforms as a means of promoting national reconciliation; - the impact of refugees; - co-operation initiatives and small infrastructure projects as confidence building measures

the wider region of South-Eastern Europe to establish a broad strategy of regional co-operation 113 supporting prosperity, reform and reconciliation. The need for co-ordination The following examples of co-operation and co-ordination and how OSCE is or can be involved in the future were given by

conflict. In my view, one of the top priorities for religious leaders today should be to make sure that every opportunity for positive engagement is used in order to defuse conflict, facilitate peace and reconciliation, and create a more stable post-conflict situation. This potential role should be

Arie Bloed

organizations, in the field of the protection of human rights and of the rights of persons belonging to national minorities. In this context and in order to promote reconciliation, the rule of law and conformity with the highest internationally recognized standards, the Mission will also assist and advise on

Arie Bloed

the strong feeling that they are treated as second-class citizens. The HCNM tried to achieve a reconciliation of the various standpoints. In this context, Mr. van der Stoel also consulted the Albanian authorities in Tirana. In October the High Commissioner again made a four-day trip to Macedonia as a

Walter A. Kemp

few years ago? How many people understand the complexities of national reconciliation in Tajikistan or the intricacies of the political settlement processes in places like South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Trans-dniestria or Nagomo- I This article is based on a presentation entitled 'Political Will, Public