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Susette Min

search of a new life. More than 46,000 individuals have died since 2000, and more than 40 million internally displaced people ( idp ) have been detained and interned in camps all over the world, some for committing only the offence of crossing—or trying to cross—a border without papers. 1 The

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Zines at Work

Visualizing Diasporic Filipina/o Identities in .45 Kaliber Proof

Darlene Marie “Daya” E. Mortel

political conditions in the Philippines. In the November 2005 issue, a page was used to display the English translation of lyrics to a Tagalog folk song, “ Awit Sa Bayani ” [Song of a Hero]. Nationalistic in tone, the lyrics were written for an activist who had lost his or her life. Using this song at that

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Ana Paulina Lee and Anna Kazumi Stahl

hegemonic centres but also hegemonic voices or practices still afoot in marginal locations. Hence, inquietude seems a key analogy for what has motivated and driven this roundtable. Inquietudes brings forth the notion of being in movement, of shuffling or shuttling between points of quietude, touching on

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Lynne Horiuchi and Anoma Pieris

archaeology, historic preservation, and contemporary theory of everyday life—have created methodologies for producing knowledge about common places and architecture that are not iconic. 15 For example, Arijit Sen and Jennifer Johung have developed landscapes as a concept to interrogate the material

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Nicholas Mirzoeff

which they meant a transformative politics from below, containing an “evolution” in changed human relationships to each other, to non-human life, and to habitat away from petrocracy toward sustainable social relations. 3 They specified that any revolutionary possibility “begins with a series of

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Victoria Nolte

relatives stating they had made their fortunes in the gold rushes of California and British Columbia. Labour recruiters in China, who played a central role in establishing networks that spanned the globe, convinced men that they could make a better living for themselves and for their families because “money

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Drawing Complaint

Orientalism, Disidentification, and Performance

Tina Takemoto

news when their two invited geishas from Kyoto rode San Francisco cable cars during what Rita Felciano called a “publicity stunt” to promote the exhibition. 28 Motivated in part by the “entertainmentality” of museums, the spectacle of geisha mania found its way into exhibition programming. 29 In

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Zhiyong Lan and Xiao-huang Yin

with the old country, however, most of them have little time, energy, a n d resources to participate in U.S.-China relations, especially in the political aspects of the relationship. After all, their first priority is to make a living for themselves a n d their families in 9. Pardee Lowe, Father and

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Mark Patrick McGuire

cultivate disciplined living, attain intrinsic this-worldly satiety, life-work balance and a quality of life distinct from the extrinsic post-retirement rewards promised to those who sacrificed their best energies to the corporate workplace during Japan’s so-called “economic miracle.” Rising interest in

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John S. Reed

than historians of the conflict have generally understood .7 Scholars w h o w o u l d examine past counterinsurgency or "small" w a r s m u s t distinguish b e t w e e n rationally directed military force a n d g r a t u i t o u s illegal violence motivated b y racism or feelings of cultural