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Jeremy Pope

Meritefnut should continue in life ( Ꜥnḫ ḥm.t-nṯr Mry.t-Tfnw.t ), followed immediately by a reference to Shepenwepet II as “living” ( Ꜥnḫ.tἰ ). If Meritefnut were the missing prenomen of Amenirdis II, then a co-tenure between her and Shepenwepet II appears unavoidable. Such an arrangement must not be

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Agents of Construction

Ancient Egyptian Rock Inscriptions as Tools of Site Formation and Modern Functional Parallels

Marina Wilding Brown

exhibits figural and textual offerings on many subjects (religious, historical), in many media (carving, ink), and on a variety of canvasses (rock cliffs, temple walls). Inscriptional content reveals that rock inscription carving was motivated by many different primary goals: they could serve as

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Pearce Paul Creasman

vessels of choice and “workhorses” of ancient Egypt. So dominant was maritime life in the Egyptian worldview that the earth was imagined as floating on a universe of inert and dark primordial waters, known as nw or nwn . 15 It should not be surprising, then, that watercraft were an essential part of

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Marcelo Campagno

individuals can be simultaneously linked to both state and patronage logics (for example, an individual who gains control over a territory as the result of his being part of a state elite, but who then exercises patronage prerogatives over the population living in that territory). Evidence of these kinds of

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Kerry Muhlestein

to pre- pare them in such a way that they are quali fi ed for jobs elsewhere in academia. These students and the discipline itself su ff er a loss if they must leave academia altogether in order to sustain a living, and thus can no longer contribute to the fi eld. The need for help- ing students fi nd

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Elizabeth Agaiby

.” It is around the year 306, 10 that Antony, in the Greek Life , emerged from his secluded fort and began initiating his manner of Christian asceticism to a number of followers, who chose to live close by in cells or caves clustered around the Outer Mountain. 11 The traditional claim is that this